How can I get rid of chin bumps and hairs? What are the best products to use? I hate the hormone change, I am 51 years old.

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  1. nyrahs wrote on :

    Laser hair removal will only work on dark hairs with light skin, so laser them off before they turn gray. Check out Groupon offers. Sometimes you get get 3 treatments for a pretty reasonable price.

  2. ciaobella70 wrote on :

    With your MDs OK, try a very little bit of estriol cream on your chin (over-the-counter on sites such as Covenant Health Products). It’s about $60 but will last quite a while.

  3. Cubie131 wrote on :

    If you have a few hairs-pluck. If there’s too many to pluck, you have options. If it’s dark hair, you can have it professionally removed-a little pricey, but more permanent. On my blonde fuzzies, I use Avon skin-so-soft facial hair removal cream once a month. There’s also waxing and sugaring. At any rate, you can get rid of it. So-find a method that works for you, get rid of it, and focus on how much fun fifty plus can be! I’m trying to do the same!

  4. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    The bumps usually come from ingrown hairs. There are several products designed specifically to stop this from happening. You apply the product after you have waxed or tweezed the hair. Tlta stores usually carry such products made by Depileve or Gigi.
    Insofar as the hair is concerned, depending on how heavy and/or thick the hair, you can remove with wax, tweezing, laser hair removal or electrolysis. Threading is also successful, but I find that it burns a little (depends on the thickness of your skin.)
    In any case, ask friends who have had successful services before you go to someone. There are times when an inexperienced technician can cause painful facial burns.
    Good luck to you,
    Maria Comfort

  5. Susan S. wrote on :

    Hi Mwhite,
    I strongly would suggest laser hair removal. You can mess around and around with products and techniques, but if you really want them GONE once and for all, it’s the only way to go (and btw, the bumps are usually just impacted hairs, so it takes care of those too). Electrolysis works, but it’s harder and harder to find people who do it. Laser removal has kind of supplanted the business and the advantage of laser is that it zaps whole sections of hair at once as opposed to the one-hair-at-a-time electrolysis process.

    As far as the cost, if you’re just doing your chin, the outlay isn’t too bad. I did mine by using a coupon from one of those social/business coupon sites and got a great deal. Be sure to shop around. The market is somewhat saturated so you can almost always get a good deal somewhere, but do your due diligence regarding the reputation of the place you choose.

    Another point to keep in mind is that the hair must be dark for laser to work well. If the hair is very light, you will probably need to choose electrolysis. If it is dark though, don’t wait too long before you decide to do it, as that hair may eventually turn white. 🙂

    As for pain, I found the laser removal less uncomfortable than waxing and since waxing must be done constantly, more cost effective since you can usually get rid of all hair in 3 to 6 laser sessions and then you’re done. One of the best beauty investments I ever made!

  6. Nancy Norris wrote on :

    Hair is normal for darker skins & brunettes,I think the safest is to bleach it with a skin cream.If it’s just a few , run to your tweezers.
    As far as bumps I’ll ask for more info on that. Are they red or skin tone? How many? How big? Where exactly? And, last do they have a pattern,circle? Lines? Random?
    There are so many things that could be so we start by elimination.I look forward to helping when you can tell me more!

  7. Jessica Krant, M.D. (Derm) wrote on :

    Unfortunately, the bumps go with the hairs, and the only way to stop this hormonal process is to get rid of the hair growth itself, not just the hairs. Plucking and scrubbing and shaving and waxing and depilatories will all eventually potentially lead to irritated bumps. The only methods to stop the hair growth completely are lasering or electrolysis (both expensive, slightly uncomfortable but numbing cream can be used, and require many, many visits), or a prescription called Vaniqa (van-ik-uh) cream, which must be used twice daily and works by shrinking the hairs to be so tiny that they become invisible. Technically they are still there though, and when you stop using the cream, they will gradually grow back to normal size. None of these three methods is covered by insurance. None is super cheap. Depending on your budget, all may be affordable.

  8. avonlady wrote on :

    Go to natural remedies for hair remOval and google sugaring. It really works and doesn’t smell like those depilatories.

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