I have my first appt with ident. hormone replacement MD next Wensday. I am very confused and not sure how to make the decision on what I should and shouldnt do

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3 Answers

  1. mary a. felipe wrote on :

    Having taken them myself, I felt so good while on them that , with the correct monitoring by your doctor, I consider it a wise choice.

    • cristinag wrote on :

      thank you …..I may write back…. after my visit…:)

  2. deena singer wrote on :

    I’ve done so much research because my mom took hormones for years. She got stage 4 breast cancer and is managing. The latest studies are saying that hormones can be helpful and less risk if you use under 5 years. I would get your trusted physicians’ opinions on this one. It’s personal. I am anti hormone for myself but I haven’t suffered with many menopausal issues. Good luck.

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