I am writing a book, Being 50 & Phenomenal. According to APE by Guy Kawasaki, he puts his rough drafts out for others to view and comment on. I would love to be able to do that here. How might I go about it? Thanks.

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  1. wendiegirl wrote on :

    Lori, why don’t you post a note on here to see if anyone would be interested in reading your manuscript? You can figure out a way to give them access…. You might post it on one of the blog sites (like WordPress). It’s free to set up a blog and that way you can get people’s comments too. Just let people know it’s a work in progress, and they’re comments would be greatly appreciated. Alternately, you can post something on one of the social network sites, again asking for volunteers to read your work. I hope that helps…

  2. Wendy VanHatten wrote on :

    I have several comments! I would be careful putting rough drafts for anyone to comment on. You may get feedback that is not helpful to your style of writing or the message you want to get across. I would work with a a qualified writing advisor or coach and then write your manuscript. Then I would hire an editor. This is a step that shouldn’t be missed.
    If you still want others to read it, this would be the time. Give it to people who will give you honest feedback and not try to change the way you say something. There are LinkedIn groups or book review sites. Be prepared for some feedback that only benefits the reader of your manuscript…and not you.
    Good luck in the process. It sounds like an awesome subject!
    If you have more questions, email me or message me back here.

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