Curious to hear if anyone has had drooping eyelids lifted..Does Insurance cover the procedure? How long is the recovery time? Any surgeons recommended in Charlotte, NC? Thanks!

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3 Answers

  1. firefli1253@aol.com wrote on :

    I have also drooping eyelids I live in York Pa. just wondering if medicare plus insurance will cover this

  2. landrum.jamie wrote on :

    I have the same thing…but I live in Canton, Ga., just north of Atlanta. Anyone know of a good surgen in my area?

  3. Kay Fletcher wrote on :

    Depending on your carrier, insurance may pay for blepharoplasty. Almost all insurance carriers will require a field of vision test to prove your eyelids are impeding your vision. In Charlotte look for an ophthalmologist specializing in facial plastic surgery. Dr Kevin Smith at Charlotte Plastic Surgery is excellent, as is Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat. Hope this helps!

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