How do I minimize Large pores on my nose?

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  1. DrJustinYovino wrote on :

    Co2 laser resurfacing can help as well

  2. Jessica Krant, M.D. (Derm) wrote on :

    I agree with most below. Sadly, there is really almost nothing you can do to physically shrink pores, though you may minimize their appearance temporarily with some smoothing creams. Sometimes a topical retinoid cream like retinol over the counter, or prescription tretinoin can reduce pores by reducing oil production and shrinking the underlying oil glands. Insurance companies do not cover prescriptions used for this purpose.

  3. Hollis Wagenstein wrote on :

    In addition to all the other great suggestions shown here – I love NYX Pore Minimizer, worn under makeup. Available at Ulta, and very inexpensive. Beautipedia.com rates a bunch of other products in this category. One more tool in your arsenal…

  4. mkflaa@hotmail.com wrote on :

    I agree with the others, minimizing pores is a hard thing to do. You can help minimize the appearance of pores, but no matter what beauty company’s claim, you CANNOT shrink pores!
    Some of the best things to do in trying to minimize them is to gently exfoliate, tone and mask which helps keep your pores cleared of excessive oil and makeup build up.
    Look for products that say they help minimize pores. Most makeup lines, from high end to drug store brands, have specific products that make such claims. Avoid products that are extremely emollient so you won’t clog your pores. As well, avoid products that dry out your skin or irritate it, this will cause more production of oils. Use mild cleansers rather than bar soap to cleanse your face. Look for BHA on the label of products rather than AHA. BHA are products that are designed to help minimize pores and reduce breakouts while building collagen. AHA products are designed to reveal newer looking skin and repair sun damage while building collagen. During the day blot excess oil with a blotting tissue. Use products loaded with antioxidants to help heal skin and reduce wrinkles.
    Best of luck, Mary

  5. redAllison wrote on :

    There are a number of ways to minimize pores. Do you exfoliate or use a face scrub at least once a week? Now, they are many gentle cleanser with exfoliating beads (Olay Regenerist makes one) that you can use on a daily basis if you like. You can also use natural ingredients that you have at home to help clean out enlarged pores. Mix 2T of baking soda with a little bit of water to make a paste. After cleansing your face with your regular cleanser and rinsing it off, apply the baking soda mixture to your nose and massage it for 30-60 seconds and rinse off. Do it every night for a week, and you should start to see much cleaner skin and smaller pores. Another thing you can try is an egg white facial. Put it on for 15 minutes and rinse off. Helps clean and righten pores. Cucumber is also a natural astringent that can help. I would try a good exfoliator or scrub at least once a week, and I would do the baking soda massage for several days in a row. You should start to see cleaner skin and smaller pores. Hope this helps!

  6. Nancy Norris wrote on :

    On the use of shells on your skin,DON”T DO IT!!! I cannot stress this enough.They make microscopic tears in your skin.Big trouble.If you want a good scrub, use one with little tiny balls that are manufactured just for this purpose.THey go in and you will use a circular motion yourself to clean your face.Promise me you won’t use an apricot or other shell product….they are too often the cause of infections that we saw in the office frequently.

  7. avonlady wrote on :

    Google EHOW Style. It tells exactly what to do.

  8. Nancy Norris wrote on :

    I worked for a deratologist for many years and that was always a common question.You cannot shrink those pores no matter what you read.I have heard of some being stitched microscopically,and even Botox being used.But,go carefully in that direction.I use a blurring cream on those spots,that and my bb under I’m good for any occaision.Of course they are not CALLED blurring creams.They will have names like “smoothing”.Clarins makes a great one.DDF also makes one with a helix design,cute but I think no purpose.I saw one the other day called secret miracle cream which it kind of is!

  9. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    This is a very tricky thing to do. There are several techniques which I have used successfully on my clients. The use of the radio wave machine is the most effective. However, if you begin using scrubs on a weekly basis at home, you can help the minimize these pores. Use a scrub that has small particles in it, such as a mint scrub with apricot or almond shells. Use small circular motions in and around your nose, and the rest of your face that is affected.
    Then take a warm, wet terry washcloth and remove the scrub. When at the tip of your nose, press hard and then wipe.
    Get some honey (local honey is the best) and mix it with some plain yogurt, and apply it to your skin, leaving it on for about twenty to thirty minutes, then rinse it off.
    Doing this weekly will bring you great results. Good luck.
    Maria Comfort

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