as a woman in her middle 50;s…should i still wear eyeshadows,i prefer browns.greys purples i have dark brown eyes?

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  1. Shonmanzo wrote on :

    According to me the wearing of eyeshadow depends upon the type and color of dress that you have worn. Which some of the eyes looks nice only because of mascara.

  2. MsBetsyKarp wrote on :

    Yes, Eyeshadow is colorful and fun and a great way to express yourself. Those colors would be very beautiful with your eyes ad they are colors that symbolize getting in to uch and connnected to your higher self and your purpose in life. I hope this helps , Betsy Karp , The Colour Coach … http://www.iadoreme.com

  3. Pattishine wrote on :

    this is a great tutorial to make your eyes look bigger if you have “hooded eylids”

  4. Darrellyn Darrellyn wrote on :

    Yes, you can still definitely wear eyeshadow . For brown eyes I suggest you try Mary Kay Beautiful Brown Collection. It has the colors Sienna, MidnightBlue,& Silky Caramel.
    Also, check out my website: http://www.marykay.com/dstephens8693 Look at Zen Collection for the

  5. avonlady wrote on :

    I found a nice eyelid decreaser from L’Oreal that I use to smooth out my eyelids and then I apply the eye shadow. It makes you eyelid easier to work with and you can even just put it on alone to make a nice natural look to the eyelid. It feels so nice to the touch.

  6. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    Dear Meme,
    Absolutely yes. It’s good to look in some of the recent magazines to see what today’s trends are in eye shadow. Then copy and practice, if you wish. No matter your age, you can apply any makeup if done tastefully.
    Enjoy, and stay pretty.
    Maria Comfort

    • meme57 wrote on :

      thanks for the advice

  7. Daphne Nassif wrote on :

    yes,yes… if you don’t want to apply powder any more, there are wonderful gel like shadows, by Bobbi Brown, or Estee Lauder..they are really good, and stay on.Try mauves, blues , purple and greens to make your brown eyes shine!

  8. redAllison wrote on :

    Looks like I’m a little late to the party, but here’s my opinion. Yes, by all means, you can wear eyeshadow. I recommend using eye primer, and look for a moisturizing eye primer like Lorac. I tried using UrbanDecay primer, and it made my eyelids drier than they already are and the eyeshadow cracked. Not a good look. When you choose eyeshadow, go for creamy formulas, either a cream shadow or a creamy powder. I use Charlotte Ronson eyeshadow, “All Eye Need”, in a palette with 4 colors: a light beige shadow, a camel color, a light grey and a grey/black that I use as eyeliner. The palette name is “drea”. It’s on sale @ Sephora now because they will no longer be carrying the line. Also, look at Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. They may be just the thing for you because they’re neutral. Another idea is Laura Mercier’s caviar eye color. They are creamy sticks with a hint of shimmer that can be used as an eyeliner or as a shadow. I recently bought amethyst, a purple/brown/grey color that I love. You can apply the stick eye color along your lashline and blend it out a bit for subtle color. Because I have crepey skin between my eyelid and eyebrow, I don’t use eyeshadow there. Sometimes I use a slightly darker shade in the crease, but often I use a lighter shadow on the lid from the center of the eye toward my nose and a darker coordinating shade from the center out to the corner of my eye to lengthen and widen my eyes. Also, I believe in eyeliner, so on days you don’t want to bother with eyeshadow, go for the liner! Hope these ideas may be helpful to you!

  9. linda caricofe wrote on :

    Hello there,
    I still wear eye shadow.
    I believe eye shadow can be worn, always…not a thing not to wear , regardless of age.
    If your eye lids have because a little crepey , you put a eye lid primer on first, which will give your shadow a smooth base.
    I wear eye liner, and eye shadow.
    My skin care regimen includes products for my eyes too.
    Best wishes, forever young,
    Linda 🙂

    • meme57 wrote on :

      yes.that is how i believe too.thanksfor the positive tips

  10. Deborah S wrote on :

    Yes, you can still wear eyeshadow! I would recommend paler colors though and easy on the eye liners. We don’t want to look like an old lady trying to look young.

    Avon has a shadow and liner in one – Big Color Eye Pencil (on sale now for $4.99). It comes in 6 colors and the Slate and Celadon would look great with your dark brown eyes.

    As we age, LESS IS MORE with any makeup. Just a little will enhance your natural beauty, but too much will just emphasize the wrinkles.

    Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes and go easy on the mascara. Avon has a new mascara that I have fallen in love with – Super Extend Infinitize Mascara. It has a curved brush, is glob-free and non-clumping. It comes in black or brown/black. Into special is $5.99.

    You can visit my Avon online store – http://www.youravon.com/dslagle – and read the reviews of the products I mentioned.

    Debbie S.

  11. avonlady wrote on :

    Yes!! I wam wearing light purple, light blue, dk midnight bues, greys, tan, cream , and a goldish hint of color. I wear almay (even tho I sell Avon) bc the Almay is hypo- allergenic) otherwise I get itchy eyes.
    I like the smokey eye look and people comment on how nice it looks. I have dk brown eyes too. The color palettes I am using now are 2: Almay Bluesys (Matte) and Almay Intense i-color powder shadow 401 smokey for browns. I just love these colors.

    • meme57 wrote on :

      sounds like i better try new make-up.thank you for your tips.

  12. Cubie131 wrote on :

    If you like eye shadow, wear it! I would avoid wearing anything that is really frosted, because that can emphasize lines, but other than that, you can wear eye shadow for as long as you feel like putting it on. Purples and blues would be wonderful to make your brown eyes pop. Do try to keep current with how eye shadow is being applied-you don’t want it to look like your high school graduation photo. Look at magazines and on line. Youtube has some great makeup videos. I don’t mean that you should follow all the latest trends, but you do want to stay current. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun-to me, that’s what makeup is all about-enhancing beauty, pampering yourself and enjoying a little treat that’s just for you!

  13. Nancy Norris wrote on :

    YES, MEME, I am 62 and get compliments everyday on how pretty I look. Just stick with matte natural tones and you will be great.In fact I’ll bet that most people will comment on how pretty YOU are,not how pretty your makeup is! Be sure you buy some matte naturals though.I found a real party in a box on Amazon.It’s called Kryolan eye shadow compact in v-3 natural.Inside you will be thrilled to find 18 colors all found on complexions naturally.Looking inside I see several if not all colors you can use,remember light colors bring out and dark recedes,so you might try a med taupe shade in the crease just below your brow bone making sure to hide what are swollen pockets near the nose.If you put the taupe color on those as well,you will look rested.I hope that helps.

    • meme57 wrote on :

      thank you for your helpful advice.i also have and issue with my eyeliner.lol.can you help me with tips

  14. casavon wrote on :

    Of course!! Today’s eye shadows are made so well that you can even wear shadow with some “frost” to them. Years ago it was recommended that the over-50 crowd avoid frosty shadows…it’s not like that any longer.

    Because you have brown eyes, I’d probably avoid brown shadows, simply because you’re not giving your eyes the definition they deserve! Stick with warmer colors (grey and purple are cool) and you’ll find that your eyes really stand out! Try some greens in muted shades to see how you like them. Avon has some terrific shadow quads in warm colors, and they’re on sale right now for $5.99!

    And don’t forget liner and mascara. Don’t overdo it, but use brown or even a khaki green liner, and stick with brown or brown/black for your mascara!!

    Enjoy playing with colors! And GOOD LUCK!


    • Cubie131 wrote on :

      You have some good advice, but I wouldn’t suggest limiting anyone to black/brown mascara. When we get older, we can lose color and volume in our lashes. Black liner on top, worn close to the lashes, makes them look longer, and black mascara makes lashes look fuller and longer, especially if someone already has dark eyes/lashes. Black doesn’t have to look harsh, which is why some women avoid it after 50.

    • meme57 wrote on :

      i really like your tips..i’m still living in the old school days lol

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