I had a lower neck/neck lift and have been left with a mishapened lower face and an indendention line on one side .I look horrible !!and it’s been a year.Fat injection has been recommended but heard about some bad results.Anyone had this procedure?

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  1. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    You do not say whether or not you have been back to the surgeon who did this to you. I would be screaming from the rafters and would make him, under threat of lawsuit, redress the situation he has left me in! If he will not do so, he should be reported to the National College of Surgeons and to the same body for reconstructive surgery. Nobody should go through what you have without some redress!

  2. Hollis Wagenstein wrote on :

    Maria made some good points about considering revision surgery. Fat injections may be a good option too. However, if you want to explore fillers, Dr. Jame Heskett at Wellpath in NYC 212 737-9604 has exceptional expertise in using facial fillers to redress scarring and surgical recovery problems, and she offers a free consultation. Hope this helps.

  3. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    Hi Dee,
    How frustrated you must be about this procedure. No matter what you do, injections, microcurrent list, laser treatments, you most likely won’t be completely satisfied because you know what is there. In your situation, I would look around and see other lifts that you find pleasing, and then go to that other doctor and have this procedure done again. What you had sounds a little like the Lifestyle Lift. Although, I have only seen good results from it.
    Good luck with your search. In your search, be sure to talk with others who have had it done and who look really good to you.

    Best of wishes to you.
    Maria Comfort

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