I am having trouble understanding use or negotiating through the mom’s finding eligible dates for adult daughter

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7 Answers

  1. IrisTina wrote on :

    I am interested in learning more about how this works, too. I listed my son on here, and sent one message this morning. Has anyone else had interest by posting here, and were you able to get your replies? It sounds like two people posting on this topic were not able to retrieve their messages.

  2. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    If your daughter is indeed an adult, what does she have to say about your wanting to set her up with a man? Personally, I believe you should butt out of her personal business! I’m sorry for being so blunt but you’re asking for trouble here.

    • Jamn Jac wrote on :

      She is totally on board with my interest in/for her and says “go get it done, Mom”! She doesn’t have time teaching those incredibly smart fifth graders all day and pursuing a masters degree in the evenings and some Sat. As well.

    • Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

      I can’t think of a better place to meet a man with your same interests than at a class of your peers working toward a Master’s Degree! Can she not strike up a conversation at that school? Even the married men attending those classes have friends who are single! If she is indeed “looking,” she needs to get out there and learn how to engage men in conversation! Just a coffee after class is a beginning!

  3. Lorraine53 wrote on :

    Sorry, Jamn Jac, I’m having trouble understanding your question. Is this a computer-related technical question regarding the site, or an issue with communicating with the Moms @ the site?

    I have sent communications to several Moms @ the Date my Single Kid site & was notified by the webmaster that I received a response, however, I was unable to locate the response. I e-mailed the webmaster requesting assistance, however, never heard back.

    Please clarify your question, & I can better respond.

    • Jamn Jac wrote on :

      Think I may have had the same experience.

  4. Cheryl Savage wrote on :

    Perhaps your friends have eligible son’s, you could set up an afternoon BBQ with the families? When you are at an event you could talk with men you feel are eligible for her. While you are talking with them ask questions find out if there are the same interest. If there are the same interest bring up your daughter, her interest, the area she lives, show a photo of her. If there is interest from the man ask for his number, tell him you will give it to your daughter. She may or may not call him, she may be upset with you, or maybe she won’t. It is a touchy situation. You can go to an event with her and point out interesting men for her to talk with. Good luck
    Cheryl Savage
    Navigating the Dating Scene

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