Post menopausal, surgical, no more ovaries…I gained 60 pounds the first year. Have always been very thin. Now, I work out like a crazy person, eat very clean, and cant lose weight. Anyone else? Any ideas?

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  1. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    It is so frustrating to eat correctly and exercise, yet not reach your healthy weight. Hysterectomy weight gain is one of the most common side effects reported from this surgery.

    Statistics show that the average amount of weight gained in the first year can be up to 25 lbs.

    Hysterectomy weight gain may be controlled in some cases with hormone therapy, but it appears the first year you declined due to family history.

    I don’t know how long you have been on HT, but it can take some time for your hormone therapy to kick in and help stabilize your metabolism, and slow down any weight gain that you do experience.

    When HT is combined with exercise after hysterectomy and a healthy diet then the results can be surprising in many individuals.

    If you are experiencing other health concerns, you may wish to speak with a certified menopause practitioner. You can find one in your area by entering your zip code at this link.


    As you know, sleep (7-8 hours per night) is critical to health. Perhaps some relaxation techniques and proper sleep hygiene will do the trick. Some tips here:


    If you need additional support with food choices, The Menopause Makeover Food Pyramid changed my life and I lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks.


    The body is a complex orchestration, and if one instrument out of tune it can affect the entire performance.

    Perhaps a second opinion (make sure it isn’t something else contributing to weight gain, including medications such as antidepressants), continue your good lifestyle habits (food, exercise), and hopefully the HT kicks in so you begin to feel better.

    Big hug hope, hope this helps and you feel better soon.

    • nursewratchet59 wrote on :

      Thanks! Some good links here. I am a paleo eater, so not much else I can be doing as far as diet. I think (hope) that the ht and maybegetting my sleep straightened out may help. I crossfit 4 times a week, and yoga 2 times a week, so am definatly getting stonger, just not smaller. A clost full of old 2s and 4s is frustrating. Thanks so much for your help.

  2. nursewratchet59 wrote on :

    I took no hormones the first year, my mom died of breast cancer. Have beento many Dr.s. had many tests. Part of the problem is I dont sleep. Maybe 1 or 2 hours a night. Sleep study revealed that, but no explanation yet. That may account for some weight gain. Most recent Dr thinks I have fibromyalgia, but, I am an RN, and think that is a bogus diagnosis. I have just been put on bioidentical estrogen. No testosterone or progesterone, etc..one dr told me “Nature has a breed cow, and a feed cow. You are past the breed cow stage.” jerk!

  3. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Have you spoken with your GYN about this? There really could be another reason why you have gained so much weight in such a short time. I am honestly worried for you. A few pounds gained post surgical menopause is normal and usually comes off with dieting but 60 pounds is a whole different story. There are other health problems that can cause such a weight gain and you most definitely need to see your doctor as soon as possible!

  4. sheri1154 wrote on :

    Are you taking any bio-identical hormone replacement?

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