I have to use a cpap machine at night and have a face mask that covers my nose and mouth. The pressure of the mask on my face is causing me to get bruises under my eyes. Any ideas for how to prevent these bruises and/or how find a make -up that will look smooth and natural with no wrinkles?

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15 Answers

  1. SIXKIDS51 wrote on :

    You really should have it refitted first. But if it continues, there is one thing a patient of mine used It’s called Derma blend. It takes practice but you can get the natural look Good luck

  2. chevy shimanowitz wrote on :

    The problem is not how to cover up he bruised- the problem is your cpap mask itself. My husband uses a cpap, & was given a mask in the beginning. e had a hard time get used to it, so he changed to something else- and has been using it for the last nine years w/o a problem. The air- vents go directly into the nostrils, with two thin velcro straps going from there, to the air-tube. It even comes with different size nostril plugs. it’s not as constricting as a mask, & would solve your bruise problem completely.

  3. suzi51 wrote on :

    Crazy idea, but maybe you could buy some quilting batting from the fabric store and glue around the edges. Also dermablend or Bare Minerals powdered Well Rested.

  4. Cubie131 wrote on :

    Wow-not sure about how to prevent the bruising, but I would check with the staff at your doctor’s office. I’m sure that they have encountered this and have suggestions on how to prevent/minimize the bruising. As far as makeup-I personally love Avon Ideal Flawless Matte Mousse Foundation. If you apply it with a blending sponge, you can gt a beautiful soft finish, and the sponge makes it easy to control the amount of coverage.

  5. Avongirl wrote on :

    Try cocoa butter or and Avon’s new undereye roller the new natural one.

  6. Nancy Norris wrote on :

    I hesitate to answer although my husband is a medical Dr.He feels that half the battle is getting the swelling down.Maybe keep some spoons in the freezer,apply them inverted to your eyes when you are getting ready.I would use something creamy to cover the bruising.Ask for a sample of Peau de cie concealer,that always works.One thing to remember,you will never cover it all and sometimes less is more and won’t call attention to your eyes.And get a great pair of sunglasses!

    • ChrisV wrote on :

      I am getting a lot of suggestions here for items that are quite expensive! The concealer you are suggesting costs $70!!! Other’s suggestions are at a similar price point. I can’t afford anything that expensive! I buy my make-up at drug stores and discount stores. I can’t afford to spend so much on concealer!

    • Nancy Norris wrote on :

      Hi,On that concealer mentioned above I know it’s expensive which is why I suggest going to a store to get a sample.If you love it,it is worth it.I have been using mine everyday for the past 2 years.So, it averages out to be less $$ in the long run as it goes so far.I have tried other less expensive ones,and they just do not work as well.I’m sure if you go in one of the store that carry it,you would receive a trial or maybe just a piece of one so you could try it at no cost.Good luck,just trying to help.

  7. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    For the second part of your question. Eve Pearl has the best concealer I have ever seen or used. You may not find it in most stores, but go on line and they can tell you where it is available. It is expensive, but worth every cent.
    Insofar as make-up that will look smooth and natural with no wrinkles, it is a good idea to assess what you are wearing under your makeup. I always advise my clients to apply extra virgin olive oil to their skin after cleansing. You can blot off any excess. After you have done that, use a good moisturizing cream. It is essential to have your skin moist before applying your makeup. When I don’t know the person or haven’t seen the skin, I recommend Pond’s. It is still one of the best sellers in the world, and to date I have yet to see anyone using it who doesn’t have beautiful skin. Until someone has examined your skin and suggested another product, this is one that always works.
    Again, Good luck.

  8. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    Hi Chris,
    I feel your frustration. However, there are some remedies that may help. Is there any way that you can put cotton rounds under your eyes before applying the mask? I know they have to be secure, but perhaps there is a way that the cotton would help. Under the cotton, a good eye cream, such as Estee Lauder’s, will help the keep your under-eyes moist.
    Should you have access to a red LED light, you can use it on the area to rid yourself of the bruises. This machine was used initially for this purpose before it became a skin care sensation. I remember seeing the red LED lights at one of the big drug stores. They do wonders for the skin. They will not damage your eyes, and they help to repair damaged cells. A great machine that I use daily in my facials.
    I hope this helps you. Good luck to you.
    Maria Comfort

  9. Still Blonde after all these YEARS wrote on :

    I would suggest trying Bare Minerals Concealer and the brush (very important) that they suggest for it. I have nasty rosacea and this covers it perfectly.

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