I am a small breasted woman but want some lift. I currently wear a 34A, but would like something to give me “bigger” stuff. Can you please help me?

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2 Answers

  1. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    I agree with Lisa, there are oodles of great padded bras out there that provide terrific lift and shape. I also would recommend Wacoal Petiites, but there are so many padded push up bras from every company. Silicone “Chicken Cutlets” as the young girls call them are great enhancers but some people find them hot or uncomfortable. I think you should take a couple of hours to go to a good department store like Nordstom and be correctly fitted first of all. Then explain your desires to their fitter and try bras on until you find the right one. Ahhhh, good luck and try to have an open mind!!

  2. LisaFitExpert wrote on :

    There are many great bras now that provide “lift” and “volume”. One particular style is a push up with pads. The other option is through lingerie accessories such as silicone breast enhancers sold online at lingerie stores, or department stores. They can increase the bust up to 2 to 3 inches. Brands such as Wacoal B-Tempted, Wacoal Petites, and The Little Bra Company specialize in A cups. Hope that helps. LC

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