Hi, Im 53 and within the last 6 months mentalpause has hit me like a brick. Like suddenly everything about me changed.
I gained 30lbs, my hair, my skin, no sex drive at all, moody OMG !
I am open to and hoping for any direction/ advice anyone can give.
Not on HRT d/t the risks. HELP

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  1. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    This can be a confusing time – it was for me too! Suffering from menopause and aging symptoms is no fun. You may wish to consider speaking with a certified menopause practitioner. Click here and enter your zip code: http://bit.ly/121SFSZ

    Most of us need to make lifestyle changes to navigate this transition.

    1. Track your symptoms and discuss with a qualified professional. There are both non-hormonal and hormonal management options available.
    2. Eat lean proteins, low to medium glycemic carbs and healthy fats. Watch portion sizes. As we age our metabolism slows down.
    3. Exercise most days of the week at least 30 minutes per day and up to 60 minutes if you want to drop those stubborn pounds.
    4. Update your skin care routine. Exfoliate at least 2 times per weeks – that natural process slows down too.
    5. Make time for YOU. Me-No-Pause!
    6. If you have a partner, discuss your libido concerns. If you are suffering from vaginal dryness consider lubrication (AstroGlide) or vaginal moisturizer (Replens), or discuss vaginal estradiol with your doctor. If you are not getting enough sleep that can squash anyone’s libido. It is important to manage your symptoms.

    This transition is an opportunity to give attention to all areas of your life. There is no magic pill – if there was, we’d all be taking it. Embrace this transition as a time of reinvention.

    Hope this helps! I am post menopausal and have never felt better!

  2. nilhas wrote on :

    Hi Kathy,
    Unfortunately what you are experiencing will not be cured by a single drug or therapy. The best and natural way to approach this painful and challenging situation is to find out what is causing the dysfunction. When we transition into menopause and our ovaries stop producing hormones the adrenal glands should take over. However, many women in our society have depleted adrenals due to prolonged stress. Stress can be; dietary, physical, mental or emotional. If your adrenal glands cannot perform as your backup system, trouble is on the way. Including but not limited to; weight gain, decreased energy, mental fog, autoimmune diseases, etc. etc. And, more importantly your adrenal glands will affect the way your thyroid is responding or not responding.
    It is difficult to say where your most immediate dysfunction is just from your symptoms. I would suggest that you find someone who can test you using saliva, blood and hair analysis, if possible. Do your research and be sure to select someone who has enough experience to know what labs are reputable and can follow through with a natural protocol to help you restore function to your endocrine system.
    As you can imagine, diet, stress and lifestyle are all things that you have total control over, do start there. Good luck, you have so much available to you today to get back to where you were a few years ago:)

  3. Dr.Pearlstone wrote on :

    First you want to be sure you really can “blame” your symptoms on menopause. A routine physical with basic blood work to include cholesterol,diabetes and thyroid testing is a must. Once other possible offenders have been ruled out you can consider your options. Without knowing more about your own medical history it’s hard to give generic “one brand fits all” advice. In general most women are overly concerned about the risk of hormone replacement therapy. For most women in the early menopausal transition, the benefits of hormone replacement outweigh the risks and for some of the symptoms of menopause NOTHING is as effective. I would recommend you consult with a Gynecologist who is a Certified Menopause Practitioner listed on the nams.org website.

  4. Kathy Hillyer wrote on :

    Thank you so much for the feedback, believe me I am like soaking in everything I read like a sponge. I am so desperate.
    I feel like I am not me anymore and I miss me!!! Thank you all , I know you understand and I so need direction/advice. Thank you

  5. kemoRN wrote on :

    Hi Kathy,
    I also am 53 and in the same boat you are in. It feels like a sinking cruise ship many days. The weight gain is really tough, and I developed worsened migraines with my menopause to point that I sought out neurologist. He diagnosed menstrual migraines and explained that despite menses itself ceasing, the hormones still cycle monthly with ups and downs. So for two weeks I have a crazily sensitive brain that migraines very easily, like just with walking by someone smoking a cigarette, or a whiff of perfume in the grocery store, and the frickin’ weather. I tell you all this because in our trial to find a preventive medication for the migraines, I was put on Prozac (3rd line of migraine prevention, first 2 didn’t work for me). Not only is it helping the migraine prevention, it is TREATING the menopause symptoms (the mood disturbances mostly). Weight is still issue, and when I power walk 6 out of 7 days, my weight gain is controlled and I even semi-succeed at losing weight. I also find sex drive bit better. Now I took an herbal product called MACA for about 2 years that REALLY REALLY helped with energy, metabolism, and sex drive, but I eventually found it was increasing my migraine tendencies. But for women without the sensitive brains I HIGHLY recommend giving this a try. I liked the herbal extract best, and just added a dropperful to my morning juice/vitamin regimen. I swear by Black Cohosh, Natrol brand to help manage hot flashes, which are non-stop for me without it. Hope this gives you some ideas, I’ve been struggling for so long with the peri-menopause, that when i finally became menopause, I expected all the troubles to end. NOT!!! I now yearn for POST-menopause. LOL. Lisa

  6. sexyoversixty wrote on :

    Hi Kathy; I know it is very shocking and not very much fun..I started experiencing these symptoms at 45…ugh…did not go the HRT route either…Meditation was a life saver for me…deep breathing…eating really clean, attempting to stay away from wine (vodka was fine)…exercising…and taking lots of Vit C, Reservatrol, Rem-Fem (get at health food store) multi vitamin and cal-mag. Now I am not going to tell you that all of this was a fix all, however, I would say that it helped me 80 to 85% and now at the age of 65 I am in the best shape of my life..hope this helps…Leslie Traill, Sexy over Sixty.

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