Hello ladies! Ok..what does one wear on a long overseas flight? Flying to Italy where it is warm. Part two of my question: what does a Fab over Fifty pack to wear while there on vacation…relaxing time, tours, walking.

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  1. Ilenefaboverfifty wrote on :

    Dear Feel Great,
    Congratulations on your upcoming Italian vacation! Other FOF specialists have shared their opinions on your two questions, so perhaps a couple of ideas from my experience will be helpful to maintain that feel great style.
    Overseas overnight flight wardrobe:
    *lightweight raincoat- fold-able, packable is most versatile. Thigh length if you are a trousers gal, knee length if you are a skirt/dress gal.
    * long sleeve cardigan-silk/cashmere,
    * sleeveless tank top,
    * slim jeans-if you can sleep and move around for 8 hours OR
    * slim side zip cotton/lycra trousers for more ease
    * over-sized, dark tortoise or black sunglasses because puffy eyes the following AM, even with make up touch up in your carry on bag, you will not feel pretty,
    * colored, soft scarf -face brightner,
    * smart, simple jewelry-watch, cubic zirconia studs… pearl studs….Bulgari-esque mother of pearl qua-trefoil signature 4 petal studs, necklace or bracelet if its your look,
    * cotton underwear vs synthetics,
    * easy slip on/off shoes- ballet flats, reinforced with rubber soles over the thin leather (ask your shoemaker $8-$10)- feet swell en route,
    2nd choice-European leather sneakers- NEVER white New Balance…esque walking sneakers. That SCREAMS American tourist.
    * your essential makeup and medicines in your chic “carry on” bag, which, by the way, should be able to hold your day handbag,
    * toothbrush/oral hygiene/hair brush
    * small treats-ie: almonds for energy

    Walking tours, etc
    * Do NOT recommend shorts. Italy is a religious country…again, cotton/lycra trousers or jeans do double duty.
    * Hat for sun protection,
    * Sun block skin protection,
    * Zippered closure purse- pickpockets are the norm. Suggest you make a copy of your passport-leave your passport in the hotel safe.
    * Italian women love summer sundresses and sandals for day and evening casual dining. More modest necklines- and a cardigan with a sleeve is imperative for church visits and walking between air-conditioned spots,
    *iPad or digital camera
    * collapsible umbrella
    * simple tailored navy blazer if you feel there is a possibility of meeting business colleagues.

    Hope this helps!

    PS. One heart-moving souvenir (jewelry,scarf, leather gloves) vs the typical tourist items is the best luxury reminder long after you come home :>

  2. cathymc wrote on :

    I was in Italy in March. Let me correct Still Blonde – you can wear slacks to the Vatican; you cannot wear shorts or have bare shoulders. This is true of most churches. You absolutely must have comfortable, supportive shoes as you will be walking on cobblestones and other rough surfaces often. Flip flops and even ballet flats are out; the soles on the latter are too thin for walking on cobblestones.

  3. vwill wrote on :

    MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF CLOTHING TO TAKE ON PLANE…are compression travel socks. I travel all over the world, and seriously, they will not only help your legs feel better, but they could actually save your life. I always wear them — even if it’s a short 3 hours plane trip. Also, just a note taken from experience: as a tourist you DO need to be comfortable — but people (esp Europeans) DO care what you look like….you will definitely be treated better in stores and restaurants if you don’t dress like the “typical” American tourist. they see it as a sign of respect toward their establishment.

  4. Bessheit wrote on :

    This isn’t a clothing suggestion but an flying suggestion. Anywhere I travel I take a small down pillow with me 12×24″. I am just like the princess and the pea and can’t get a good sleep without my down pillow (although another kind would do). Most airlines don’t give a pillow and cover as they used to plus I’m not sure I trust the hygiene even if they did. This tiny size pillow fits in my carryon bag and I even use it in the hotel.

  5. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    I pretty much wear the same items on all overseas flights…. The weight of the fabric is the only thing that changes. I layer…. tee shirt, in your case short sleeve with a light weight cotton cardigan in case you feel on the plane….and either cotton leggings or light weight cotton knit yoga pant.. LULU Lemon drawstring pant. I always wear a shoe that I can take off easily for security and for comfort on the plane.. I alwayscarry cozy sox with me to put on in flight. When you arrive you can always tie the cardigan around your waist or stuff in your bag.
    As far as what to wear…there are some great skorts around.. remember those??? I love traveling with jersey dresses so easy to pack. I also do jersey in skirts..I always carry a shawl… you can do a light weight otton one. Zara carries them and they are perfect to roll nup and inexpensive, so buyb lots of colors to perk up your wardrobe. I usually travel in simple colors so i love to brighten up with the shawl
    Shoes should be easy this year as thee are soo many comfy flats around. Mens style, ballet styles, loafers. .. I try not to walk the steets in flips. Remember church visits… must have sleeves!!!

    • FeelGreat wrote on :

      So my plan (after all your advice): 3 dresses, black capris, on pair of longer pants (black), burmuda shorts (b&W) with b & white tops, couple color tanks, and color light-weight sweaters. I’ll bring a scarf/shawl to bring to wear on the plane and if cool at night (I doubt it though, it is steamy hot there right now). Do they wear leggings? could I bring leggings and a couple of tunics?… would keep my legs warmer on the plane.. what do you think ladies? Oh yes and one pair of white sandals and one pair of flats (they are silver/grey)…

    • mzloveyd1 wrote on :

      You are ready to go… i wouldnt go anywhere without leggings… I live in them… so comfy when you are stuck in a seat for sooo many hours.. Have a great time and dont forget to shop!!!!!

    • Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

      I would only add some sort of wrap. Believe it or not, Rome becomes quite chilly in the evenings, even when quite warm during the day. The #1 most important thing is comfortable (not new!) shoes. Rome has a lot of cobblestone streets and they are killers on the feet! Thin soled shoes will give you terrible shin splints and back aches. You are a tourist and nobody will care what you look like but, oh my, you’d better plan on really good shoes.

  6. Marsha Harris wrote on :

    Additional Pieces from the Travel Wardrobe:

    • FeelGreat wrote on :

      Thanks so uch for the suggestion. I don’t have any maxi length items, and I am not sure I’ll need the fancy tops. This list has only one pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I’m afraid I’ll be too hot in Rome with long long pants and longsleeves, blazers.

    • Marsha Harris wrote on :

      I don’t know about the temps, but I would only wear Bermudas, nothing shorter. Those are for the young girls who want to be noticed. I adore long flowing skirts and find them cool, but yes, my list was made in the early spring & didn’t take into consideration the hot summers. However, Europe is not as hot as the southern part of the USA.

  7. Still Blonde after all these YEARS wrote on :

    For traveling I recommend a maxi dress, lovely scarf and cute jacket, similar to this : http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2013/07/travel-attire-tea-verizon-voices-fashionista-style-hop/ The Maxi is essentially yoga pants without a crotch yet, you look elegant and your legs stay warm. The jacket is essential to battle air conditioning during the long flight. I suggest a Scottevest jacket as they have 15 to 22 pockets where you can store a lot of gear: http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2012/06/175-scottevest-molly-jacket-review/ This lighweight version will work well as you travel Europe.
    Europeans dress up a lot more and DO NOT usually wear tennis shoes. While touring religious sites (the vatican) women cannot enter wearing shorts or slacks. So I recommend a lot of pretty skirts and dresses, which actually flatter women over 50 quite well. Pack lots of cottons and jewelry and you will be fine!

  8. Marsha Harris wrote on :

    I love Italy and travel there all the time. I made a wonderful packing list which you may find here
    For the plane I would suggest something that doesn’t wrinkle, that looks smart & is reasonably comfortable because you want to arrive at your hotel looking fabulous. Look at my packing list carefully, you will find tons of ideas of how to put things together. Bon Voyage

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