I am job searching after 30 years working for Fed. Gov. I am 57, divorced, live alone I do not have a degree and my pension due to economy will not be enough. I went thru divorce after many years, exhausted my savings trying to make it. Hard to compete with younger generation any advice?

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  1. Kim Barnes wrote on :

    Hi A. Conley! Are you still searching?

  2. MaryBenson wrote on :

    How to compete with younger generation? That is a tough question. I have gone up against younger people in job interviews just in the last year, and it is daunting. Try to focus on your particular strengths–your steadiness in staying with the same employer for so long, your loyalty, your reliability, the wisdom you have gained from your experience, and what you can do to help the employer’s business to grow and prosper. I always remember Martha Beck’s story in one of her books about the 2 people interviewing–1 desperate, and 1 with a “I can help” attitude. Naturally, the “I can help” attitude is more comfortable to be around during the interview and afterward.

    I have a brother who is 58 and has found himself being interviewed by people young enough to be his kids. When they select someone their own age to work around, he says, “I can understand them not wanting their dad looking over their shoulders all the time!” I am thinking there may be a middle ground–not appearing parental, but also not seeming like you are impersonating a young person by dressing and using slang suited for a much younger person. I was going to say to pay attention to your appearance and update it if you can, but maybe that isn’t such a good idea if you end up looking like someone dressing for 20 years younger.

    You may just find a small business owned by someone our age who is delighted by all that you bring to the table.

  3. EmpowerDames wrote on :

    What are your skills A Conley. When you can’t find a job create your own. Free lance your skills out. For help, contact your local Small Business Development Center, originated and majorly funded by the US Small Business Administration. Counseling is free and their classes on starting a business are usually low to no cost. find your local center by going here http://www.asbdc-us.org/About_Us/SBDCs.html.

    Good luck. This time you can do whatever your heart desires…Go for IT!

  4. Kathi Elster wrote on :

    It will probably be easiest to find part time work and that will give you a way to learn about different industries and how non-government jobs work. Also take a look at taking on project work to also get a feel of something different. You are entering a new phase of your career that will not resemble the past, so I recommend that you get support locally, like joining a job search support group.

  5. Chatty Cathy wrote on :

    Dear A –You have so much to offer with 30 years of working experience. I fully understand your dilemma. If you read one of my other posts –I always direct people to think back to your childhood as to what you wanted to be when you grew up, what did you like doing –what did you play as a child. Start with that for new career paths. Second –look at what you have been doing and tap into those talents. Did you work in purchasing, administrative, management….did you like it? What part of your job did you like? After answering those questions lets begin talking about a NEW CAREER. Reply….

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