I am 71 and going on a date!! I have a beautiful little black dress, with white accents, I want to wear. Can I wear Black hose and black boots and not look stupid? (I think I have ugly legs!)

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7 Answers

  1. Mamawlydia wrote on :

    I think you can wear the black boots providing they are not chunky looking. My mom, bless her heart, told me that “you make the outfit”. By looking as nice as you can, you make your outfit/whatever you are wearing, look good. I am 73. I do NOT look 73 at all – closer to late 40s. I am raising 4 grandchildren, girl 16, boy 14, boy 11 and girl 10. Boy! What a job! I worked for 35 plus years, raised my boy too. I thought that was hard! But that and good genes help us (my husband and me) look much younger than our years. As long as my makeup and hair look reasonably good, I am happy. I am happiest of all in my tee shirt and blue jeans. I am new to this site. Hope it’s a good one.

  2. Mimi L wrote on :

    At 71, there is no such thing as “ugly legs”. Wear the black dress, black hose and black boots if you choose to. If not, wear shoes with your black hose. At 71, we should all hope we can get there and going on a date…enjoy…Be Fabulous…

  3. bonniecobble wrote on :

    Little black dress will really gorgeous, but if you think you can’t wear it, then go for trying [url=http://camilla.com.au]fashion print designers[/url] wear. It looks beautiful on you. You can try this in your next date.

  4. adaj40 wrote on :

    I would just purchase some Sally Hansen leg makeup instead of wearing hose! Boots look so much more modern with a little skin showing.

  5. Ria H wrote on :

    Of course you can wear black hose and black shoes. I would rethink boots personally as simple black pumps are more elegant. Also most men don’t look at what we think is unattractive about ourselves.

    • ladyminer1217 wrote on :

      Thanks. I think you are right!

    • ladyminer1217 wrote on :

      By the way, it’s my first date in 50 years. I hope I can still remember how to act!

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