Wy is it so difficult to find a well fitting bra? I have ridges in my shoulders from bra stapes, and still feel self conscious about my large top. Going to VS lingerie stores is unreasonable . They don’t really seem to know how to measure you for a bra.
Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. suzi51 wrote on :

    My best experience has been with Dillards. They are trained to measure you and have bras in many different styles and sizes. Victoria’s Secret is not the best choice if you want a great bra. Le Mystere is a good bra if you are large breasted.

  2. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    I think BlueBear offered really sound advice. I would not advise anyone to go to VS to get fitted for a bra. If you are looking for a pretty “show and play” bra, that is one thing, but for a solid, everyday, over-the-shoulder-boulder- holder, you need something more comfortable and well-crafted. I always recommend that ladies try Nordstrom first, because the women in their lingerie departments are usually very well-trained in fitting bras. As BlueBear mentioned, don’t be shocked by size (yes, you might be a 32 F or E instead of the 38 D you think your are) or by the price…which will be high. Your back and shoulders will thank you, though. About the self conscious part, it you got em, flaunt them honey! LOL.

  3. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    Find yourself a store called Intimacy. You can find their list of stores online at Intimacy.com. They specialize in measuring you for a bra and this is their only business. You will be shocked at the bra size they recommend for you but, once you try on the bra itself, you will see the difference. Their bras are more expensive than most but this is also the place where you can learn a great deal about how a bra should make you feel and look. Be honest with them, if you do not wish to try on the more expensive bras. They understand! The real problem with your being unable to find a bra that fits is that every company out there makes them differently. A 34B from one company is a 34C in another! It’s so frustrating! btw: VS is the worst place on earth to go for a bra fitting. They hire kids who don’t have a clue! Nordstrom, Neiman’s and Dillard’s also have excellent bra fitters in their stores. Just don’t allow any of these people to bully you into buying something you cannot afford or a bra that doesn’t feel comfortable. Aside from reduction surgery, there is little you can do to minimize your large bosom; however, there is no reason in the world why you shouldn’t have comfort and beauty in the bra you wear. There shouldn’t be rollover skin or any other problems if you have the right bra. Just remember that there are those of us in the “Itty-Bitty-Titty-Committee” who would love having your girls as assets and you should too!

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