IAM A MAN AND I HAVE USED JUST FOR MEN AND LATEY AGE, but both of them don’t color all of my hair..there always the same spot that don’t take color, will this work for me.

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2 Answers

  1. Lorraine53 wrote on :

    May not. Sounds like your hair, (that particular spot), has become or is somewhat resistant. A consultation with a good stylist may be able to recommend something that will work, fully coloring that special spot!

  2. pam adkisson wrote on :

    I think it’s the application with any hair color product…Is Just for Men a permanent haircolor? Some of your hair may “grab” color better than in other areas. I would suggest a salon..or a beautician friend come to your place..the first time. After that you can easily maintain the new growth, with the instructions for new growth included in the haircolor kit. I definitely would recommend a permanent hair color. Hope this is helpful.. 🙂

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