Foods that make you sad?

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18 Answers

  1. Cindy B. Henderson wrote on :

    Poorly prepared food that I have to pay for! I’ve found myself refusing to eat out lately because I’m usually disappointed! So easy to prepare fresh, locally grown food well, in your own home…for a fraction of the price of eating out! Foods that makes me sad are any kind of Seafood that is over-cooked. Over salted food. And a well done steak! One the other hand, food prepared with family and friends and enjoyed together makes me extremely happy!! Oh! and Dark Chocolate makes me very, very nice!

  2. Ellen Falkenberry wrote on :

    I love food, but when I eat lots of high-sugar foods, the post sugar crash will make me feel bad, which could be interpreted as sad. I have to pay attention to proper BALANCED nutrition. If not, the lack of nutrition can contribute to depressive feelings.

  3. Cathy Buckwalter wrote on :

    These answers were NOT what I expected—I was more interested in the chemical reactions in relation to our bodies — NOT individual preferences or anecdotal stories — anyone have a scientific/measurable answer that is not about YOU?

  4. Alene Wendrow wrote on :

    No foods make me sad. I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to entertain, and I love to eat.

  5. Pookster wrote on :

    Any ethnic food that is not prepared in an authentic way.

  6. Laura Rossi wrote on :

    Eating is pleasurable for me and tends to make me happy, however sometimes an occasional overindulgence of an alcoholic beverage like wine can bring on a melancholy state as I begin to reminisce about some of the good old times with family that are no longer with me. There are some foods that I don’t particularly care for because they are too tart or excessively spicy but they don’t make me sad; I just don’t eat them.

  7. Renee Robinson wrote on :

    I don’t know of any foods that make me sad, but their are plenty that will make me sleepy and lethargic…..sweets…..for some people it gives them a high but for me it lowers my blood sugar. Unfortunately I love them so I’ve learned to eat less of them and or healthy sugars.

  8. Madeline Lonergan wrote on :

    I think the only kind of foods that would make me sad is if it were something I really liked and it didn’t taste good. Sometimes you order a meal in a restaurant that sounds good, then you get it and it has no taste, or perhaps you prepared it yourself and it just didn’t come out good. That makes me sad, because I don’t like having to throw away any food!

  9. donnarp1 wrote on :

    I like most food but when I am feeling down I reach for comfort foods like a good chicken pot pie or a grilled cheese sandwich. If all else fails eat anything chocolate.

  10. Reggie Teer wrote on :

    I don’t eat foods that I don’t like, so no food makes me sad. Probably because of my ethnic background (Greek) food is the answer to every problem (no, I am not fat).

  11. CHERUNE CLEWLEY wrote on :

    Ones that I like the flavor of, but I am allergic to. Oranges and Bananas

  12. Merry Richon wrote on :

    Although sugar and fats in quantity are not a good idea, I am more in agreement with Chef Karen’s response, i.e., life is too short to eat bad or stale food…

  13. Sandra Rittenhouse wrote on :

    The only thing that makes me sad is when there isn’t enough of something like foie gras…!!!!

  14. Jyl Ferris wrote on :

    Foods that can make you sad are found in sugar. If you eat too much sugar, or drink too much alcohol, you can find yourself sad later that day or in the morning. Sugar because of crashing. Alcohol because of its depressive qualities. If you find yourself sad I would suggest a few days of juicing. Not smoothies but veggie/fruit juice. Mix colors for varied nutrition. I love greens, beets, apples, cucumber, ginger and lime.

  15. DJ Rogers wrote on :

    Tomatoes – they are so beautiful and I’m allergic.

  16. Chef Karen wrote on :

    Anything stale! No excuse to eat bad food.

  17. Rita Connelly wrote on :

    cold meatloaf sandwiches, kale, stuffed crust pizza

  18. Denise Meckelvaney wrote on :

    Sweetheart, If I am eating I am not sad. Food is comfort for your soul no matter what state of mind you are in. If you luv it, eat it. Now, there are some foods that make me feel guilty, however, I am so over it when I have the first bite.

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