I hate to admit my complete and total ignorance of this topic but I must if I am ever able to start a blog! I know nothing,please help me know and understand what I need to begin my blog. Thank you all for you most appreciated help.

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  1. MaryBenson wrote on :

    I believe WordPress is a very versatile blogging platform, and it is free. Go to WordPress.org and sign up. Then, make good use of the video tutorials when you run into problems. When I have a technical problem, I go to YouTube and post my question in the search bar–more often than not, some 2 year-old whiz kid has filmed a video explaining how to do the very step I need help with! Basically, you need to:
    1. Set up the blog
    2. Choose a theme for its appearance (truly, click-and-preview, it is that easy!)
    3. Start writing posts. Make sure you save frequently, and preview by clicking “preview” before clicking “publish”.
    4. Learn to insert photos/graphics after you can write/post/publish.
    5. Learn to insert links to other pages/sites after you are comfortable inserting photos.

    Your learning will be a process, and you have to start somewhere. You can always customize it more later! Please post your link when you do it!

  2. Kathi Elster wrote on :

    I think your first step is to read other blogs. Get a feel for what you like and what you don’t like. Then see if you can take a class about blogging or hire someone who can teach you how to create and post a blog. Don’t become a blogger if you don’t think you can be consistent about posting.

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