Keepin’ It Cool In The Heat!

newterry1If you don’t have the luxury of lying on a beach or at a pool during the “dog days of summer” * (don’t forget to apply 30 SPF sunscreen), it’s no fun getting dressed to go to work, or even to the grocery store.

Our Fave FOFashionista, Terry Gibralter, to the rescue, with 14 tips and tricks to stay cool, calm and collected when the temperature starts soaring.

* Interestingly, the expression “dog days of summer” harks back to the ancient Greens and Romans, who discovered that the dog star, Sirius, appeared to rise just before the sun, in late July, during the hottest days of the year.


{Frocks of Gibralter} Choosing The Perfect Gifts For Our Favorite FUFs (Fab Under Fifty Women)

It’s always fun to spot the gifts you’re pretty certain will please the 20-and-30-something daughters, nieces and friends in your life.

To help ensure that you put a big smile across a young woman’s face when she opens the box, first get a handle on her style. Remember, you’re not buying something you like. This is about her, and just because you think Banana Republic blouses are cool, doesn’t mean she wants to slip into one.

My daughter-in-law is Casual Cool, so it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll score if I buy her something from brands like Madewell or The Gap. Check out our suggestions for your favorite gals, from your Modern Boho daughter to your Preppy Chic colleague.


{Frocks of Gibralter} One Dress Five Ways

Every woman needs one great dress each season that becomes a go-to piece week after week.

It should be easy to wear and comfortable, and can be dressed up or down, depending on where it’s taking you. Put it together with the right accessories and toppers, and it will never let you down.

If you like these looks, many of the pieces we show here can be found in my online shop, H*O*T House of Terrance. But you can easily replicate the styles, perhaps even with pieces from your own closet.


{Frocks of Gibralter} 5 Stylish Resolutions For 2015

If you’re like me, you
embrace the beginning of
a new year with relish.

There’s nothing like the excitement of a fresh start, the chance to hit the reset button and change up something in your life. Time to clean out the closets, conquer a new skill, or just shake up your wardrobe by considering one or more of these style resolutions.


Introducing “Frocks of Gibralter”

FOF Terry Gibralter has flawless style, as far as I’m concerned. She turns heads—men’s and women’s, alike—wherever she goes. She could be wearing something as simple as a white shirt and beat-up old jeans, and she’ll look spectacular. So we’ve invited Terry to write a FOFashion advice column, once or twice a month, in which she’ll share some of her tried-and-true tips.

This first column is about one of our favorite subjects—JEWELRY—in which Terry tells us how to wear it best during the holidays,
and throughout the year.

Some of Terry’s tips will link to specific items in H*O*T, her new online shop of new and vintage apparel and accessories. Terry likes to share more than advice. She’s even opened her closet to sell the shirts off her back (literally), because she’s bought and been gifted more than she could possibly wear. Her prices are marvelously modest!

Please join us in supporting FOF entrepreneurs, whenever you can. We’re the greatest generation of women in history, and we’re doing great things every single day.


A Woman With Exceptional Style Opens Her Closet To You!

Terry Gibralter is one of those women with exceptional style.

You wouldn’t simply say she looks “pretty”, “beautiful,” or “put together” because she’s wearing a lovely—and flattering—outfit, accessorized with a nice handbag, shoes and necklace, and her hair and makeup look good. Her style actually is, well, just one of a kind, and no single adjective can adequately define it. I put a scarf in my hair and it looks like a schmatta (rag); Terry wraps a scarf on her head, and she, literally turns heads. That kind of style.

As a self-professed fashion addict, who inherited her mother’s and grandmother’s style genes (“My grandmother looked gorgeous until the day she died, at 101. She was still doing her nails and they were beautiful”), Terry has long been a fan of vintage clothes, accessories and jewelry, long before it became as fashionable to shop flea markets and thrift shops as it is today. It didn’t hurt that she lived and worked in Paris and Singapore for years, when her husband was transferred abroad. “Paris is a vintage haunt and Singaporeans are just plain insane about shopping. When we left Singapore, I put an ad in the paper for a garage sale we were having. People lined up outside our house at 5:00 AM!” Terry remembers. As a fashion stylist for Elle Magazine Singapore, Terry had suitcases of goodies that she preferred not to take back to the States.