Meet Coaches Analisa & Jeffrey Rutstein

Analisa & Jeffrey Rutstein

Age: Between the two of us, we’re 97 years young. And we both feel fabulous! (Imagine big grin with a wink!)

Are or have you been married, and what’s your view on marriage?

AnaLisa: We were both previously divorced and have been together for 14 years. Marriage with the right person can be a wonderful experience, while marriage to the wrong person can be a lesson and an opportunity for growth and healing, even if that includes leaving the other person.

We believe that relationships can be the most important catalysts for growth and maturity, and that learning to deepen love and compassion for one’s self and for your partner is one of the many riches to be reaped in a long-term committed relationship.


AnaLisa: Jeffrey’s two children from his previous marriage are blessings to us in many different ways. While step parenting can present many challenges, and life with children can become stressful, there is joy of seeing them develop and grow into passionate, caring adults and set off into the world on their own.

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

AnaLisa: I was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Marlboro, NJ. My father was an entrepreneur who owned several businesses, and my mother is a writer and active in community affairs.

Jeffrey: I was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Silver Spring, MD. My father was a dentist, and my mother was a social worker.

What did you do before The Effort Less Method™ for Lasting Weight Loss?

Jeffrey: I have been a Clinical Psychologist for over 33 years and AnaLisa, who has an MA in psychology, has been working with women as a health coach and body therapist, helping women heal their relationships with food, their bodies, weight, and their lives.

Why and what inspired you to create The Effort Less Method™ for Lasting Weight Loss?

Jeffrey: It was a confluence of many things. AnaLisa had struggled with weight for the majority of her life, trying every diet and weight loss plan under the sun and in the process gaining and losing hundreds of pounds.

AnaLisa: More than 8 years ago I weighed 226 pounds and was miserable. I hated my body and was frustrated, ashamed, and sick and tired of a lifetime of gaining and losing the same 30 pounds. My health also was suffering. I had tried every diet and weight-loss plan around, many more than once, and had consulted world-class therapists, specialists, and participated in numerous programs, all to no avail.

I really felt how struggling only produces more struggling; the harder you try, the harder you keep trying. And often you keep getting into the same traps, over and over again.

Struggling only creates and maintains the problem. The key was to stop the cycle, to stop the struggle.

One night I finally hit rock bottom. After eating two pizzas, two pints of Ben & Jerry’s, and a large bag of Cheese Doodles, I started feeling very sick. Sitting on my couch, I burst into tears. They weren’t quiet tears. I was wailing! And I heard myself saying out loud, ‘I just can’t do this anymore! I feel like I am going to burst! I can’t continue living this way! Something has to change!’

I felt like dying. I was so hopeless and so sick of myself and of my struggle with food and weight. I felt like I was broken. Food could no longer numb me. Somewhere, somehow I felt that there must be more to life than this.

Just then, my Jeffrey came in and found me in a puddle on the couch, sobbing and covered in Cheese Doodle crumbs. He had just returned from leading an all-day mindfulness meditation retreat and showed me a Chinese Finger puzzle he had received that day. It was the kind that became tighter around your fingers the more you struggled to remove it.

As I played with the toy something clicked in me. I really felt how struggling only produces more struggling; the harder you try, the harder you keep trying. And often you keep getting into the same traps, over and over again. Struggling only creates and maintains the problem.

The key was to stop the cycle, to stop the struggle.

When I finally relaxed and exerted less effort, I finally got free of the finger puzzle and that changed how I saw everything.

Jeffrey and I talked for hours that night, and for days and weeks after that about finding a way that works, because up until then, nothing had. Our weeks and months of exploration and experimentation evolved into what is now known as “The Effort Less Method™ for Lasting Weight Loss” and “True Food Technology™”.

What is the mission of The Effort Less Method™ for Lasting Weight Loss?

Jeffrey: We help women finally lose the weight and keep it off without struggle or deprivation, so they can have the energy, confidence and health to live the life for which they long. We want to help transform the way women lose weight, but also help them end the struggle and internal war that they wage against excess weight, which causes unnecessary suffering.

Tell us about your Workshops?.

Jeffrey: We do on-line and in-person groups, and also do in-person group weekend events—all aimed at helping women become empowered to gain the body and life they have been craving, while letting go of struggle, deprivation, and denial. Our work is a fun mixture of teaching, discussion, and experiential exercises, which lay the foundation for personal growth and transformation of your relationship to food, your body, your weight, and your life. We often say, ‘how you do one thing, is how you do all things.’ How you struggle with your weight, your self-esteem, and your body, mirrors how you relate to and struggle with your life.

AnaLisa: Women who want to lose weight usually feel they carry excess burdens and responsibilities. They are unhappy with their figures and with their lives and how they live them. They might even put their lives on hold until they lose the weight, have the body they love, or are comfortable being nude. However, they can wait a lifetime for such conditions to arise. We emphasize how they can change their lives and bodies NOW, so the pounds melt away and the physical and emotional weight and stress that they are carrying can be transformed and released.

What kind of FabOverFifty woman can most benefit from your coaching?

Jeffrey: Any woman who has ever struggled with weight loss, who has lost and regained weight, and is ready to finally release the weight for good. This is not a quick fix, but the results will impact the rest of your life. This is not a meal plan, or “diet”, but a total approach to eating, to food, to your body, and your life.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you can give FOF women?

AnaLisa: It is not your fault! Too often women are made to feel that it is their fault; that they don’t eat right, live right, work right, or do relationships right. However we are doing things, we are doing the best we can with the resources we possess in a particular moment and situation. Every problem, obstacle, life transition, or stressful situation holds a hidden gem of a message that can help us learn, grow, evolve, and mature toward a life that is healed, happy, and fulfilling.

What famous women do you most admire?

AnaLisa: One is Maya Angelou, the poet, playwright, actor, author, educator, producer, director and civil rights activist. She has been no stranger to pain and hardship, and yet her spirit burns so bright. Her poetry is capable of capturing the depths of despair and leads us to soar in the heights of love, connection, purpose, redemption, and healing. She is a shining light.

Another is Debbie Ford, who passed away this year. She was a best-selling author and teacher known for her work in helping people break free of their emotional baggage and fears. She successfully triumphed over her own dark struggles with addiction and embodied a path of healing and transformation, which unites head and heart, mind and soul in simple yet profound teachings. She taught people how to live beyond the limitations of their old beliefs and behaviors, and how to embrace and integrate their whole selves. Her light will be missed.

Do you have a mentor?

Jeffrey: We have many and each has been a gift and a blessing. To mention a few: Marc David, founder of The Institute of the Psychology of Eating; Melissa Grace and Phil DelPrince, Hakomi Method trainers and therapists extraordinaire who taught us the profound power of working with the body to heal the mind; Barbara Ganim, cofounder and coordinator of the Expressive Arts Institute at Salve Regnia University, who introduced us to the world of expressive arts and its use as a healing and transformative modality.

Meet Coach Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen

Age: 54

Are you married?

Yes, my parents rented the downstairs apartment to the man who is now my husband. Funny enough, after lots of breaking up and getting back together, I practically forced him to move out so he wouldn’t be privy to my dating life, lol. Well, we ended up together and have been married for 24 years!

What does your husband do?

He is an entrepreneur as well and we have recently joined forces.


Our daughter is 22 and our son is 17.

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. My mother worked in a bank, but really had an entrepreneurial spirit and helped my father, who created costume jewelry in his own business.

What did you do before becoming a Practitioner for Emotional Health, Naturally?

I call this my second half of life! My first half was in corporate America as an office manager for a law firm in NYC and in credit management.

What made you choose your current field?

A number of years ago, my life was in turmoil. I was making medical decisions for my sick father, my marriage was failing, I needed to move and get my kids out of the schools they were attending. Usually a strong woman, I was falling apart, mentally and physically!

One evening, on my way back from the hospital to my father’s apartment, I suddenly couldn’t think or concentrate. That night, I could barely function or sleep. When I asked my doctor to prescribe something to help me to get through this period, she suggested that I take a flower remedy blend she would custom create for me. I had never heard of this before and it sounded odd. I wasn’t interested, but the doctor assured me that it would help me move back into balance emotionally, so I could handle all I was going through, make decisions with clarity and get back control. The blend was natural, powerful and would work quickly, she said. Honestly, natural was the last thing on my mind, but I took her recommendation.

Believe it or not, I had come back to life within two days, and was able to take the ‘bull by the horns.’ Was it really the flower remedy blend the doctor gave me? I wanted to learn more! After doing a great deal of research and experimentation with remedies for family and friends, I became a believer.

My path is to let women know that they don’t have to live in anxiety, but can move forward in their lives.

There is nothing, except negative thinking, that can get in our way.


Meet Coach Betsy Karp

Betsy Karp

Age: 49

Betsy Karp, who calls herself The Colour Coach, says she can help you start transforming your life today. Through the simple use of color, she will give you the tools that teach you how to shift your energy, attitude and perspective. A former artist, textile and fashion designer, Betsy is now a certified health and wellness counselor. She helps women–mind, body and soul–to “paint the picture” of their lives.

Are you married?

I’m not yet, but I feel really lucky because I have experienced passionate love with two wonderful men. Both relationships taught me how to be in a relationship and stay true to myself.


In my second relationship, the man I was with had two younger children who I helped raise for five years. They were with us on weekends and I enjoyed every moment. What I loved most was their innocence and their joie de vive. Children help you to be present, enjoying the now. My time with them was precious, as well as all the lessons I learned.

Color is a powerful force I knew through my experience as an artist, painter and fashion designer, so I began to experiment with it.

Why did those relationships end?

I’m still involved with one of the men.

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up in Woodbridge, CT. My father is a corporate attorney and my mom was a stay- at-home mother who was always busy.

What did you do before becoming a coach?

I was an artist, textile designer, fashion designer and chef.

Why a coach?

I want to help women feel better about who they are. I help and guide women to live their inspired lives. From my world travels as a fashion designer and chef I reinvented myself during the second act of my life. I had my own fashion line that was sold in over 75 stores in North America, but it was deeply impacted by September 11th. Almost every one of my orders was cancelled and I had to close my business. I was devastated and depressed. I poured my heart and soul into this business and had to start all over again.

I began looking for design work and found some consulting work instead. But eventually that dried up, as well. I had been a designer for 25 years and couldn’t find a job in my industry. I kept asking myself, ‘Why me?’ Then one day I woke up and said, ‘ENOUGH Betsy! It’s time to rebuild your life.’

Color is a powerful force I knew through my experience as an artist, painter and fashion designer, so I began to experiment with it. I needed courage, so I decided to surround myself with my favorite color, ORANGE. Turns out that ORANGE is all about courage, bringing forth your creativity and positivity. Once I saw the amazing benefits it produced, I began experimenting with all different colors: from the colors of the food I ate, to the colors I wore, to the colors with which I surrounded myself. My glow from within was visible to others. It was transformative and family and friends noticed right away. I knew that if it worked for me it would work for other women as well. So I studied spirituality and how color affects one’s energy and Chakras. I then went back to school for a Health Counselor Certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Columbia Teacher’s College, as well as to a cooking school in Morocco and the Piazza Savonarola in Italy.

It is my calling to help ALL WOMEN in Transition—Moms, Single Women, Married Women and Single Moms—adore themselves, inside and out.

What kind of FabOverFifty woman can most benefit from coaching?

All women can benefit from coaching. I’ll help them understand what colors help with hot flashes or how to lose weight. As we get older we need support and I’m here to encourage women to be the best they can be. And believe that their lives matter and that it doesn’t matter how old you are if you just BELIEVE IN YOU!

What is your mission?

To style women’s lives by aligning their bodies, minds and souls from the inside out, from what they think, to what they eat and what they wear. i adore me empowers you to transform and live your life with passion, authenticity and self-love through the use of color.

Tell us about a typical client.

I work primarily with middle-aged women searching for their life’s true purpose and passions, who are feeling stuck, unattractive, unhealthy and negative. It’s time to shift your mindset, feel empowered, learn portion control and gain self-respect. I will support you in finding your true calling, guide you in identifying the positive actions you need to take and empower you in every aspect of your life, so you can say and FEEL “i adore me.”

How did you come up with the idea of I ADORE ME?

It is said “we teach best what we need to learn the most.” I think that everyone–women, men and children–need to adore themselves. Learning to love oneself is a lifelong journey. When I first came up with the name, a psychologist friend said, ‘no one is going to be able to say this I adore me thing.’ Now she’s singing it!

Have you written any books?

I have two e-books, Color Your World and Authentically You, as well as my weekly blog, Inspiring Insights.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you can give FOF women?

To learn to FEEL and SAY i adore me and really mean it for you.

How do women most sabotage themselves?

Women sabotage themselves by negative thought patterns and not letting go of their old drama and old stories.

What famous women do you most admire?

I love Hillary Clinton, Oprah and her best friend Gayle King, as well as Isabel Allende, Louise Hay, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Georgia O’Keeffe, Donna Karan and Diana Ross.

Do you have a mentor?

My dad is my mentor. He’s given me the greatest lesson in life and that is to always believe in yourself and always be persistent. NEVER GIVE UP!! I also work with a spiritual guru, Liam Watt, whom I adore. He has taught me how to allow feelings to be, to feel them, and to not push them under the carpet. Most importantly he has helped me to learn the gift of stillness. My life is different because of him.

Meet Coach Wendy Martens

Wendy Martens

Age: 64

Are you married?

I’ve been divorced for 13 years, but was married for 30. We married too young and the marriage, which had many cracks, just crumbled when our oldest son died in 1998.


I have two, one 33 and the other 36. My oldest would have been 38.

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up all over the US until I was 11, since my dad was in the Air Force. Then we settled in Bethesda, MD and my dad became VP of Marketing for Hughes Aircraft Co. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and loved to help my father’s career by entertaining beautifully.

What did you do before becoming a coach?

My first career was as a stay-at-home mom, which I was fortunate to be able to do. When my children were in high school, I went to work part-time and then full-time as a surgical coordinator for four surgeons and three hospitals. When I turned 50, after my son died, I decided to go to George Washington University and get my masters in counseling. I became a grief counselor, but found I couldn’t support myself. A friend suggested a great part-time job, which became full-time, with the United States Investigative Service, where I got my clearance and was a profiler and analyst training students to go abroad. I loved the uniqueness of the job, but had a number of surgeries, which prevented me from fulfilling the physical requirements.

For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, weight and diet.

We’ve been told that we are willpower weaklings or that we need more control. The majority of nutrition experts promote conflicting advice.

Why a coach?

I became a coach after hearing my mother continually tell me that I was heavy, starting when I was very young. She actually took me to an illegal diet doctor where I was put on ‘speed’ at the age of seven. Interestingly enough, I have picture of me at that time and I wasn’t heavy at all, just a tomboy, but my mother wanted a princess! Thus started the life-long battle with my body and the weight-loss roller coaster.

After losing my job with USIS, I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and then earned certification from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I changed my entire business and wanted to help women. Working with mind-body nutrition and the psychology of eating leads to not only sustainable weight loss, but also to a love of your body in the present and the ability to delete toxic dietary beliefs.

My clients become truly embodied and can address the stress that is affecting their weight, their lives and their health. It has changed my life and my thoughts about my body and I want to help others to obtain the same truth, because I’ve been there!

What makes the Psychology of Eating approach different from other Weight Loss coaching?

For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, weight and diet. We’ve been told that we are willpower weaklings or that we need more control. The majority of nutrition experts promote conflicting advice. This results in confusion about what to eat, and how to have a happy relationship with food, as well as a healthy metabolism. I combine many of the best strategies from nutrition science and eating psychology in my professional practice. By eliminating all the “shoulds and should nots,” I focus on what’s right for your body and your personal style. As I work with women in this way, eating and health issues become a place of exploration. Instead of seeing such challenges as the enemy, they become opportunities for growth and self-improvement. I’ve learned to help women reach their highest goals through strategies that nourish, not punish.

What kind of FabOverFifty woman can most benefit from coaching?

All women from the ages of 40 to 50! This is a sacred time in a woman’s life, after peri-menopause and menopause, when she is truly coming into her strength. Many women still believe they are inadequate, ‘not good enough’, and often are not happy with their bodies. They are suffering from stress and self-hatred and do not realize that this prevents weight loss and true happiness. Self-love and acceptance are far more rewarding than calorie counting and crazy exercise and it helps you lose weight!

What is your mission?

I want women to stand tall in their glorious strength, which they all possess. Women tend to feel that there is something wrong with them, whether it’s their weight, their relationships, or their work, and it’s time to stop the madness. I want to be a mentor for all women about self-embodiment and self-love. The truth comes from within, not without. It’s time that all women got the message that they’re beautiful.

Tell us about a typical client.

Most of my clients are women over 40 who want to lose weight, which is usually the 20 pounds + that they’ve been trying to lose for years. They have tried every diet in the book, exercised themselves to the point of pain and haven’t lost the weight. They don’t realize that this frantic need to lose weight throws them into the ‘stress response’ that is preventing them from losing anything. Their obsession with weight is ruining and limiting their lives since they are waiting to live until they achieve their goal, which never comes. I help them learn to live in the present and relax into weight loss.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you can give FOF women?

Your journey in this life is your own; it’s not anyone else’s. Make the journey going full tilt, learning from the messy as well as the great and love your uniqueness and yourself completely! Celebrate, don’t denigrate!

How do women most sabotage themselves?

They believe everything they hear in the media. They live in their minds and not their bodies. Their best friend should be the sacred Feminine, but instead it’s the scale, which determines how they’ll fell each day—happy or depressed!

What famous women do you most admire?

Rosa Parks is a woman that sat for her rights. Most said she stayed in her seat because she was tired, but instead she was tired of ‘giving in’ to what society told her she should or shouldn’t do. I think she’s a mentor for all women to stop this artificial feeling to ‘give in’ to a world that is trying to dictate what the perfect woman looks like.

Maya Angelou, a fighter from the start, has been able to provide a positive message of humanity and hope. She said: ‘The honorary duty of a human being is to love.’ And every women should apply this to herself.

Do you have a mentor?

I have a number of mentors in my life for which I feel blessed. My spiritual mentor, Liz, enables wonderful conversations on our connection to nature and all that there is on and off this earth. Another mentor, Marc, has helped me to realize the joy of embodiment and loving yourself. A third, Sharon, taught me that one doesn’t need to live her life in fear and that I can trust. Finally, Christine, who has taught me about the sacred Feminine and using intuition to understand and not judge.

Meet Coach Nancy Kay

Nancy Kay

Age: 50

Are you married?

I was married for 21 years, until the marriage ended in divorce in 2008. During the marriage, I supported my husband’s corporate career by relocating seven times all over the country every two to three years and handling the parenting duties since his job required that he travel three weeks each month the entire time we were married. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio.


Three, ages 16, 21 and 26.

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up in Denver, Colorado. My mom was an at-home mom and my dad is an oil geologist who is still working at age 85!

What did you do before becoming a coach?

My first career was as a TV news reporter and writer. I then took on full-time parenting duties while also teaching preschool. During my divorce, I completed a law school paralegal program and then worked as a paralegal in family and bankruptcy law.

I want to empower women to take the steps they need to navigate through the storm of divorce with a greater understanding of how to work more effectively with their attorneys to get their best outcome.

Why did you become a coach?

I was blindsided by having to deal with divorce when I discovered that my husband of 20 years had a complicated secret life and was making plans to leave me and our children, with as little financial support as possible, while he pursued another woman.

I felt devastated. I had moved all over the United States for my husband to further his career and improve our family’s finances and then discovered the reason he insisted we start our own business that particular year was so he could claim his income wasn’t needed for my support.

During his corporate career, my husband had worked his way up to earning a six figure salary, with bonuses. Since he was planning to divorce me, but I didn’t know it yet, he refused to look for another corporate position when he was let go from his job.

He had severance pay for a year so during that time he insisted that we should take a large amount of cash out of our retirement to pay for the start-up costs for a water damage cleanup franchise in Columbus and that he and I would run it for the 20-year contract duration. We both signed the agreement, set up joint business checking accounts and visited the franchise headquarters in Florida.

He knew that by starting a business, his income would be minimal for spousal and child support calculations.

During my divorce I discovered just how much “Knowledge is Power” and spent a great deal of time researching and reading about infidelity, spousal support, custody factors and co-parenting while learning strategies about how to get the best possible outcome during the legal process.

Our attorneys said that I would have to continue to work with him every day in the franchise during our divorce or else sign papers to turn it all over to him, which is what I did. Continuing would have subjected me to more intense emotional and verbal abuse.

While working as a family law and bankruptcy paralegal, I saw first-hand just how much women can benefit from strategic guidance and support during such a challenging time when emotions can easily influence their ability to make sound decisions and negotiate from a position of strength.

What kind of FaboverFifty woman can most benefit from coaching?

A woman who is considering divorce or is currently going through separation or divorce and wants to put together a plan of action to start taking control of her life. I encourage a woman to realize that the decisions she makes right now during separation and divorce are truly critical to her future because divorce is the biggest business deal of her life.

Divorce is especially stressful to deal with because it cuts across every part of a woman’s life- her physical and emotional well-being, work life, family life, finances and spiritual life are all impacted by the changes that come along with the chaos.

What is your mission?

I want to empower women to take the steps they need to navigate through the storm of divorce with a greater understanding of how to work more effectively with their attorneys to get their best outcome.

I also want to enable women to set healthy boundaries to protect themselves as they deal with situations that involve infidelity, financial scheming, abusive behaviors and co-parenting disagreements.

I offer referrals to divorce professionals and one-on-one confidential coaching for women throughout the U.S. by phone or Skype.

Tell us about a typical client.

My clients are usually women in their 40s or beyond who realize that they are in an unhealthy marriage and not sure whether to leave their marriage or have decided to leave and need support and a plan of action to move forward with more focus and less fear and uncertainty.

Favorite quote?

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”–Soren Kierkegaard

Meet Coach Kathie Holmes

Kathie Holmes

Age: 45

Are you married?

Yes. This is my second marriage. We met through an online dating site back when online dating sites were considered ‘strange’. We had an instant connection and married four months later. It hasn’t been smooth sailing but then not much in life really is.

What does he do?

He is a counting mutant – aka accountant. We watched the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, where the eccentric Mr. Magorium (played by Dustin Hoffman) tells his assistant he needs to get an accountant but that he has no idea what that is and he can only imagine it is some kind of counting mutant! My husband now gets this name at every turn.


While we didn’t have children together we do have my beautiful daughters from my first marriage, who my husband has always loved and treated as his own.

It frustrates me that people assume that being creative means to be good at arts or crafts, when, in fact, it’s simply about letting your inner you shine through.

When you embrace your passion, you become creative by default.

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up in an average, suburban family in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the eldest of three daughters. Both my parents worked in factories throughout my childhood and my parents divorced about 13 years ago. I am now estranged from my father, by choice, but have a fantastic relationship with my mum.

What did you do before becoming a coach?

The question should be what didn’t I do? I have had an amazing life doing lots of different things. I was a legal secretary, then worked in the hospitality field for eight years. After that I trained and worked as a phlebotomist (drawing blood for transfusions, research, donations, tests) until my husband and I opened our first online store in 2006, Sublime Accessories, where we sold unique accessories for the home. It was in the early days of online selling, so he going was tough.

Subsequently, I trained as a Life Coach and studied Reiki (an ancient Japanese spiritual healing modality that allows you to tune into either your own body and soul or that of others to heal illness by eradicating negative beliefs around the affected area of the body) and combined the two together to begin my coaching. My true passion is to help women improve their lives.

Why the Creative Ability Network?

I have always been hands on at the businesses where I worked and have learned about marketing, what makes a business tick and the do’s and don’ts of running a business.

As a phlebotomist I saw people from all walks of life, some chronically and/or terminally ill, and the overwhelming thing I found was that women, in particular, never put their needs first. There was always this sense of sadness about them so I began asking the question ‘what if you could have done anything you wanted?’ and discovered that so many women hadn’t lived the lives they truly wanted, usually because of constraints by others.

Since my passion has always been to help others, I realized I needed to help women to live the best lives possible and to let their inner creativity and passion shine.

What kind of FabOverFifty woman can most benefit from coaching?

Anyone who wants more out of life. She might want a better financial situation, perhaps she just wants to find that burning passion inside her and use it to create her business or she wants to be waking up everyday knowing that the day ahead is one she created and one that she wants.

What is your mission?

To create a worldwide network of inspiring women who support each other from the early stages of starting their business right through to the day-to-day running of the business. A place where women can do what women do best and that is to support each other to benefit each other. A place where friendships will be made, support given and business networking can be combined.

Tell us about a typical client.

My typical clients are women 40+, usually staring at their lives through a window and wondering what the hell happened. Where did their lives go? Women get so absorbed in running a family, raising kids and holding down a job that we forget to take the time for us and allow our inner spark to shine through. My clients are on the precipice of wanting change but not really knowing how or feeling scared to do so without support. They want to do something they love every day but also earn an income from it so they are financially independent.

How did you come up with the Creative Ability Network?

It frustrates me that people assume that being creative means to be good at arts or crafts, when, in fact, it’s simply about letting your inner you shine through. When you embrace your passion, you become creative by default. Your creative ability is your unique way of teaching what you love, sharing your story and helping others with similar interests. I want to guide as many women as possible to pursue that passion and share it with the world.

Creative Ability Network is a place where women find their creative way to express their inner passion and network with other women.

Have you written any books?

I have written many eBooks, both on business and coaching topics, and have been featured in Sprout the Life You Love – Tales and Secrets from Female Entrepreneurs alongside Rhonda Britten, Sandy Forster and other female entrepreneurs.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you can give FOF women?

Just Change It! This is my motto. If your life isn’t making you happy and you are not living what you are passionate about, then Just Change It. You have the power within you to change whatever you need to and there is lots of support there to help you to make it happen. Don’t live a life of regret. Live a life of passion!

How do women most sabotage themselves?

Women fail to acknowledge their own worth. We don’t value our places, not only in our families but also in society. We shrug off compliments and accolades as if they are not warranted instead of embracing them for what they are. We never put ourselves first, which often leads us to a midlife crisis where we question everything about our lives. If we just lived our life with purpose and passion from the start we wouldn’t be looking for that missing piece later in life.

What famous women do you most admire?

I admire any woman who is embracing her life but if I had to pick someone famous I guess it would be Oprah Winfrey. She created an amazing world around her passion and gives back to the world.

Do you have a mentor?

I don’t have one particular mentor but am continuously inspired by people, including Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle, as well as my two beautiful daughters who have grown into amazing young women who inspire me every day.

Meet Coach Krista Watts

Krista Watts

Age: 30

Husband? Kids?

My husband sells cars at one of the biggest used car dealerships in Ontario, Canada, and we have a 2½-year-old son.

What did you study in school?

I have a BA from the University of Waterloo (Ontario) in Political Science and Management Studies. I take courses all the time for work and for personal interest. It keeps me sharp!

What inspired you to create

It came naturally after years working in sales for a retirement home company and helping hundreds of families make the decision to move a relative to a retirement home. I saw the need for a coaching service to guide women 45 plus years old through the difficult and complicated process of relocating their aging parents. The daughters need the most guidance and support. They experience intense feelings and emotions during this time. I love helping people come to a peaceful decision that they can live with in a positive way.

I make a difference in people’s lives every day. I see aging people thrive after moving to retirement homes.

Previously, they ate poorly, felt lonely and unsafe. Now they’re well fed, cared for and have companionship.

I also see exhausted daughters regain their lives once they know their parents are finally safe and secure.

How did you first get started in retirement home consulting and coaching?

I met my mentor through a mutual friend and she provided me with a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity to start in an industry where she had spent 25 years. I had the chance to learn from one of the best in the business in Canada. Everyone always talks about forks in the road and this was mine career-wise! It was better than I have ever dreamed or imagined and I am thankful I took the risk!

What did you do before working in the retirement home sector?

I sold lumber for six years in my parents’ business. I had to find a new job when they retired.

What is the mission of

I want to help free women from the emotional roller-coaster of caring for aging parents. Too many women struggle with guilt and fear from their parents. They often lose their self-identity and start living in their parents’ shadow. They drop everything for them, miss out on holidays, neglect work, husbands, children and friends. I help them find their purpose.

Why is the perfect field for you?

Selling lumber filled a need but it’s extremely rewarding to help families find the right places for their aging loved ones to live. I make a difference in people’s lives every day. I see aging people thrive after moving to retirement homes. Previously, they ate poorly, felt lonely and unsafe. Now they’re well fed, cared for and have companionship. I also see exhausted daughters regain their lives once they know their parents are finally safe and secure.

Tell us about your services.

I offer Skype, email, phone consulting/coaching services and group coaching. I’m creating an eBook and online course, which will be available soon. I do speaking engagements, as well.

Do you interview the parents as well as their grown children?

I definitely spend time with parents to find out what they want and need in a retirement home.

What do you hope to learn from new clients?

I want to uncover the daily problems they face so I can see the complexity of the situation. I explain all the options after conducting an in-depth needs assessment. This can include senior communities, assisted living, nursing and long term care homes, private duty nurses etc. While others recommend only homes and communities that give them fees, I recommend what’s best for my clients.

Do you recommend specific places? In the United States, as well as in Canada?

Yes. I research the best options for your family’s needs, no matter where you live. I do background checks, set up tours and help with the admissions process.

What kind of FabOverFifty woman can most benefit from your coaching?

Any women with parents! Seriously!

How do women most sabotage themselves?

Time and time again I see women who have sacrificed their prime time years to care for their parents. They feel it is their obligations as daughters. What about being mothers, sisters, grandmothers, wives, friends, workers, volunteers and purpose seekers? Unless you truly feel taking care of your parents is your life’s purpose, do not feel bad about seeking a solution.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you can give FOF women?

Life is too short to be living someone else’s life. Take control now before all you have is years of regret about vacations not taken, friends not seen, children grown up, husbands you ignored and a life you didn’t live all because you couldn’t stand up to your parents.

Besides your work, what are your other passions?

I am constantly reading up on different topics. Business, politics, marketing, fitness, healthy eating, parenting, running, and self-help, to name a few. I love running and have completed four half marathons. When I don’t run enough in a week I get cranky and my legs twitch! Right before my wedding four years ago, I lost 40 pounds by running and eating healthy. I think that exercise and healthy eating go hand and hand with making good decisions and getting your life under control. I also love taking my son to fun places like the park, the zoo and swimming. I am reliving my childhood through him.

Meet Coach Lin Eleoff

Lin Eleoff

Age: 55

All it takes is one conversation with FOF Lin Eleoff to be certain that she can help you “get off the bathroom floor and “seize happiness by the throat.” A former TV reporter and lawyer, Lin is one Smart Ass coach who says she was born to help others “live lives that are on fire.” There’s more to life, she says, than “what women see as their current reality.” Lin talked to FOF about why she makes her own rules and how you can make your own, too.

Are you married?

Yes, we met on a tennis court and have been married 22 years. I lovingly call him ‘Thurston Howell the 4th’ because he sounds exactly like Thurston Howell the Third (the role played by Jim Backus on Gilligan’s Island). He’s lost his British accent but he was born in Great Britain and he calls me ‘Darling’ and ‘Lovey.’ It’s hysterical.

What does he do?

He’s a corporate guy… all business. I’m the entrepreneur in the family.


We have four, from 16 to 25 years old.

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up in Toronto. My dad died when I was 17. My mom was an entrepreneur. She launched the first domestic employment agency in Canada.

I want to get women up off the bathroom floor (where they hide their sadness, pain and tears) and take responsibility for their lives.


Meet Coach Diane Danvers Simmons

Diane Danvers Simmons

How old are you?

I don’t count the years, I feel the same as I did in my 20’s, younger than I did in my 30’s, and just catching up to my 40’s, all with a lot more wit and wisdom. I define life by how I feel and the energy that emanates from within and all around me, not by years.

Are or have you been married, and what’s your view on marriage?

I‘ve been married, divorced, and separated. I’ve loved, been loved, hurt, and been hurt, lived fearlessly and in fear, but I’ve come out of it all with purpose, compassion, and vitality. I’m enjoying the journey.

My view on relationships is simple. Everything is about timing. We need different things and people at different stages of our life. I believe the biggest gift you can give someone, besides freedom and heartfelt support, is to allow them to be all that they can be. And yes, I do believe in true love and soulmates.


My two children have blessed me with the gift of humility, compassion, patience, playfulness, courage, and unconditional love that has changed my life for the better. Having the chance and responsibility to introduce some pretty fine human beings into the world makes me more determined to make a difference in this crazy world.

Imagine a day where you invest in your reality… not a Hollywood producer’s. Where you rediscover your own voice, without having to compete for it to be heard.

Where did you grow up & what did your parents do?

I grew up in England with all of its traditions, irreverence, and a healthy dose of Monty Python humor. I’m also thankful now for the clouds, rain, and public transport that kept my complexion youthful, my body strong, and my patience in check.

When I was born, my father was 60 and my mother was 45, which was unusual back then and automatically triggered the need for a sense of humor, as they were newlywed parents of a blended family, complete with teenagers. They were more youthful than people half their age, with daily hilarious stories of lives well lived and history experienced first hand! My childhood was never boring!

An entrepreneurial father who was the foundation and stability of my youth fed my thirst for adventure through travel. My independent, feisty, Irish mother, who was way ahead of her time, taught me that ‘No you can’t’ was never the option when it came to my dreams. My passion throughout my youth was the creative and performing arts, as well as competitive sports, all of which proved invaluable in my personal and professional life.

What did you do before developing Own it Feel it Live it and Spirituality in Stilettos?

America enticed me from a young age. As an independent, fearless woman in my 20’s, I arrived in New York City from Britain, courtesy of Saatchi & Saatchi, the global advertising giant. By the time I was 30, I was a Senior Vice President at the agency, and then at Omnicom Group in London, New York and Los Angeles.

After marrying, I soon became a mother, masquerading as a chauffeur, driving the prerequisite SUV, and wearing a sign that read ‘I’ll volunteer for anything.’ Leveraging my corporate platform I took on leadership roles, working with mothers who collectively strive to make a difference. Currently, I work with the Make a Wish Foundation and have been involved with my children’s schools. Travel with my children is one of my passions, which has secured our bond and created memories that will forever stay in our hearts.

Why and what inspired you to create OFL?

I was tired of the housewives shows on TV that glamorize women as self absorbed, back-stabbing, mindless characters. I developed a TV talk show treatment and a blog concept, Danvers Dishes, to inspire and showcase real women being all they could be, making a difference in this world and having intelligent, inspirational conversations with plenty of humor. My friends and family encouraged me to share my stories and Own it Feel it Live it teachings.

I’m simply the woman in the mirror who can relate to the phases a woman navigates, who enjoys all the privileges and lifestyle of Western society, and have been blessed with the opportunity of extensive travel which has allowed me to gain insight into a variety of cultures and traditions. Whether practicing yoga in Morocco, meditation in Big Sur, or Reiki in Ireland, I strive to discover holistic and intuitive lifestyle techniques that recognize the powerful unity of mind, body, and spirit to promote a total well being for a happier, healthier life. IT WORKS!

On this journey, I’ve been able to participate in educational forums and experiences with the spiritual and health leaders of our time. I’ve incorporated these teachings into OFL by creating a multidimensional approach which blends the best of eastern and western philosophies to help women nourish their everyday lives while remaining grounded in their own style in today’s modern world.

The simple message of Own it Feel it Live it cuts through the clutter & chaos with three simple steps to reignite and regain your life balance; Own your Power, Feel your Spirit, & Live your Life the way you choose with Wit and Wisdom. I want to share this message with woman as they embrace new chapters in theirs lives.

What is the mission of Spirituality in Stilettos?

I created the Spirituality in Stilettos workshop series to inspire women to explore, connect, and rediscover the value and joy of investing in themselves in a safe haven, where women share real life stories, intelligent conversation and laugh- out-loud moments. In a clear and concise, but fun manner, Spirituality in Stilettos™ will give women the resources, opportunity, and ultimately the knowledge to empower and make informed choices while recognizing the true pure potential that lies within.

Most importantly, I want to impart the wisdom that we have many dimensions and are capable of extraordinary things at any age!

Tell us about your Workshops

Each workshop is a ‘treat’, not a retreat, set in a beautiful environment. The series flows in three parts which bring the essence of Own it , Feel it, Live it to life through discussion and interactive exercises.

Imagine a day where you invest in your reality… not a Hollywood producer’s. Where you rediscover your own voice, without having to compete for it to be heard. Where you kick off those worn out shoes that constrain you and feel your mind, body, and spirit flow so freely that even your favorite talk show host would welcome you to dance on her stage. Imagine a day to laugh out loud, stretch, groan, grow, glow, and cry. Where you can experience what it truly means to live again, explore what works for you and how it enhances your life, now, and strut down life’s runway dressed in your own truth, embracing your own Spirituality in Stilettos™.

What kind of FabOverFifty woman can most benefit from coaching?

A new generation of women coming into their 40’s and 50’s who are interested in ongoing personal growth, not standing still and just existing! These women are transitioning out of or have completed years of nurturing a family, career, or lifestyle. They feel the desire and need to re-evaluate or enhance their lives. They wonder how to start to explore with so many mixed messages. All too often they feel alone, but they need to know they’re not alone! They are not done! They are just starting a new life phase and need recognition, support, and a safe place to pause, and have the conversations they need most now to begin their next life chapter.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you can give FOF women?

Honor who you are and live life NOW. We’re told we can have it all but even if we can’t have it all at once, we can have it all through the breadth and depth of our lives. So acknowledge and enjoy each chapter and live your life dressed in your Own Truth!

How do women most sabotage themselves?

Too often, women give up their power and choices to others or to a situation because they don’t value themselves and are fearful. As a result, they don’t take the time to invest in their whole well being and life becomes stagnant.

What famous women do you most admire?

Oprah Winfrey, because she positively uses the power of media and fame. She continues to grow, show gratitude, follow her path and allow herself to be challenged and surprised.

Margaret Thatcher. Whether or not you liked her, she was a force to be reckoned with as the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain! Not only did she stand up and joust, debate and forge alliances with an eloquent tongue and sharp mind in the most potent of political arenas, but she turned the country around after a time of turmoil.

Do you have a mentor?

I’ve been blessed to have a number of people that have guided my path. Both my parents were self-made, self-motivated characters who lived their lives to their fullest. My father was the guide, the rational and rock through any storm, with a killer smile and undying charm. He taught about the importance of family, integrity, love and trust. My mother was larger than life without any excuses. Her brutal honesty and ability to handle whatever life threw was admirable. If someone hurt my feelings she would always say, ‘Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you’. She toughened me up for the world. The fact that she could still throw a party and dance all night at age 80 says it all.

Meet Coach Lorna Gager

Lorna Gager

Age: 43

Are you married?

Yes, for 13 years.

What does your husband do?

Banking—money management stuff. He and I met in the late 90’s when he was my client. Brian was a widower with four young children. We had a whirlwind romance which culminated in marriage. I immediately became mother to four adopted children in the ‘burbs. We added a fifth to round out our gang. It hasn’t always been easy, but it sure has been worth it.


Five, ages 22, 21, 19, 17 and 11.

Where did you grow up and what did your parents do?

I grew up in Maryland. My dad was an attorney in private practice and my mom was a career woman ahead of her time. She had a big management job, but still had dinner on the table every night, kept the house in order and ran my brother and I around to all of our activities. I didn’t realize it at the time, but mom was handling work/life balance before it became part of our vocabulary.

Lots of women think that because they have done things the same way for so long that they can’t change their habits. This is simply not true.

What did you do before becoming a coach?

I worked on Wall Street right out of college. I was registered and worked for a brokerage house on both bond and equity desks and thereafter was in sales for other financially related businesses.

Why a coach?

After becoming an instant mom the way I did, I quickly lost my way in terms of my health and well being. I gained weight, got out of shape and worst of all in my book, lost track of who I was. Once my youngest was old enough, I took stock and mapped out the return I needed to make to get back to myself again. I love being a coach, helping women down the path that I travelled on alone. It isn’t easy and there are lots of fits and starts, but with someone in your corner—giving you a level of support you don’t find in daily life—attaining your goals is much easier.

What kind of FabOverFifty woman can most benefit from coaching?

Everyone can benefit from coaching. But the most appropriate client is someone who really wants to make changes in her life but just can’t seem to find the way forward. Lots of women think that because they have done things the same way for so long that they can’t change their habits. This is simply not true.

What is your mission?

To encourage women to let themselves be at the top of the list instead of putting everyone else ahead of them. That prioritizing themselves is a necessity, not a perk. To remind women that it is ok to let go of the guilt and to be gentle with themselves. To teach women that this can fit into their daily lives rather seamlessly.

What’s your training?

I am a certified Wellness Coach through WellCoaches, Inc. and a personal trainer certified with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Tell us about a typical client.

The woman with whom I work best has kids who are mostly grown and who suddenly has some time on her hands. She is concerned about her health, wants to make positive changes, but doesn’t know where to start.

How do women most sabotage themselves?

So many women are dependable and reliable to everyone else except themselves. Our families, co-workers and communities rely on us. The problem is that we don’t keep our promises to ourselves. We put our needs at the bottom of the priority list and then don’t understand when we don’t feel good about ourselves. When we don’t have integrity with ourselves we lose trust and belief in who we are.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you can give FOF women?

Fifty is the new 35. It is never too late to start a new path. Changes can be gentle and incremental and women will be so much happier with themselves once they start the journey.

What famous women do you most admire?

I have always had great admiration for Eleanor Roosevelt because she had her own agenda, was always her own person and was way ahead of her time.

Do you have a mentor?

Over the years I have had many people take me under their wing, each of them offering me different and important lessons. I have never had a formal mentor but I am always on the lookout.