Meet Caris…With A Dash Of Pepper

What are your next steps with Pepper?

“I raised money through Indiegogo to produce the Pepper pilot. Now we’re looking for people to help co-produce the first season, and get it picked up and distributed. I have a wonderful team of talented people working with me, including co-producer/co-director Eric Yellin.”


Is there violence in Pepper?

“There will be some, yes. However, my goal is to tell the story of an ex-CIA, super-sniper on a personal mission without gratuitous violence. It may be challenging at times, but what I want to explore is how to tell a story where the inherent conflict is not resolved via explicit and graphic violence.”

film-festivalWhat awards has Pepper won?

We just won Best Suspense/Thriller at the Miami Web Fest, and are participating in the upcoming Bilbao Web Fest in Spain, where Pepper has been nominated for three awards.

The Pepper Project pilot was an Official Selection at the prestigious 2015 ITVFest in West Dover, Vermont, and the 2015 LaFemme International Film Festival, in Los Angeles, California, and has garnered several awards in international competitions.

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We hope to do a screening for a FabOverFifty audience in NYC soon!

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