To Rosie Batista –
What is the “ONE” tip you can give to get me started on the road to fabulous over 50?
Joanne Ferreri

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  1. Denise A Wind wrote on :

    “LIVE” Use each day to live your life and dare to explore like you have never done before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jaki Scarcello wrote on :

    My advice is …get reacquainted :with yourself and find out how the girl in you grew up.
    Ask yourself:
    What do i know now I did not know before?
    What do I feel now I did not feel before?
    What do I do now I would not have dared to do before?
    I guarantee you will find some self knowledge that will nourish.
    We the next part of your journey in life
    As we are busy living we tend to loose track of what we are becoming and then we are operating on old self knowledge that may not suit us , like an old outfit that just does not work anymore! We need to mentally and emotionally update just as much as we need to fashion update
    Enjoy the process it is fun to do alone or with a close friend

  3. Robin McGann wrote on :

    I would add Keep Your Sense of Humor! It’ll keep you young longer than any cream or potion.

  4. Ann Rosenstein wrote on :

    There are two tips actually – Diet and exercise. These are the fountain of youth. Many of us know that but we don’t act on it. Invest time and effort in these two areas and they will pay back with huge dividends. A guaranteed investment. Try to find that on Wall Street! There a lot of resources including this website or my website (www.dietfitnessdiva.com) to help get you there.

    If you really want to be Fabulous over Fifty, add proper diet and exercise into your routine. Find things you like and become passionate about them. When you believe in something strongly, it will give you purpose and a reason to become excited and engaged.

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