question for Rosie Battista, how many times a week do you work out and what is your favorite healthy meal?

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  1. Tannis Kobrinsky wrote on :

    Lucky me, I teach Pilates professionally, and lead about 10 group classes weekly. Of course I assist class students, and make corrections, but I demonstrate a lot of moves in those 10 hours. I also teach privates in a Pilates studio, and that too involves demonstration. I’m on the move much of the week. Additionally I walk, and power walk, whenever possible. I have knee issues, which is one reason I teach Pilates. I did it as rehab post knee surgery, and then certified to teach it 12 years ago. That’s after many years of teaching aerobics, and weight training, and starting out as a dance. I do let myself rest – that’s the day I relax, read, bask in a hot bath. There are times when all I crave for dinner is a big plate of steamed veggies – with low-fat ranch dressing on the side. Broccoli, yams, green beans, parsnips, carrots – steamed, dipped, delicious.

  2. rosie battista wrote on :

    I try to walk outside at least 30 minutes everyday at a nice brisk pace and uphill. In the gym with the weights 2 -3 times a week for 50 minutes and yoga once a week. OMG ! I love my food so this is a difficult question to answer. My favorite is my blended shake with blueberries, avocado, spinach, ginger, maca ! YUM.

  3. MaryJayne Johnson wrote on :

    That is a great question! I don’t like to think of it as “working out”. I like to think of my activity as lifestyle choices that keep me healthy. Having said that, I like to do Ashtanga Yoga at least two times per week, of course I teach Pilates Mat classes three times per week, and I like to plan an outdoor activity (weather permitting) like a hike, a long walk or a bicycle ride, at least one time per week. Healthy meal? I try to make all of them healthful. But fun one is a big variety of vegetables such as shitakes, chard, onion, garlic broccoli (you get the idea..( lightly cooked in Coconut Oil) finished with red pepper and believe it or not – Almond Butter. It give it a nice Thai-type flavor!

  4. Jacki Payne wrote on :

    I do cardio (bike, walk or elliptical) for 30-45 minutes 3-5 days per week depending on my schedule. I also do weight circuit training 2 days per week. I do light stretches and modified yoga poses every morning for 15-20 minutes, and I dance for fun! My favorite healthy meal is black beans, salmon and salsa. I will often add a green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, green beans or broccoli to this meal if it is dinner. No bread!!!

  5. Gina Parker wrote on :

    Sorry! It doesn’t state here that you were asking this question specifically to one person – I only saw that when I looked on the side menu. I wasn’t trying to throw my two cents in unsolicited, the question just pops up differently on here!! Whoops (and hope you hear from Rosie!!)

  6. Gina Parker wrote on :

    I do cardio 5-6 days a week (45min – 1 hour), strength training 3 days a week, hopefully tennis 1 day a week….and then one day of nothing, to rest my body. I also have a Jackie Warner ab workout DVD that I love (15 minute workout, but you feel it!!). My favorite meal is breakfast, egg white omelette (i say omelette, but i haven’t perfected the flip, so it winds up more scrambled) with mushrooms, onion, & spinach (or whatever veggies I have laying around), a piece of 12 grain toast with a little bit of peanut butter & a half a banana sliced up on it. I love breakfast over any other meal!

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