I need to work from home, but there are so many scams out there. How can I find a REPUTABLE work-at-home job? Is there a site I can go to that lists them? I’m out of work & no car!

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  1. Jane Angelich wrote on :

    Without knowing your background and keeping in mind that work-at-home scams are prevalent, take a look at O Desk (www.odesk.com). Also, if you want to check up on work-at-home jobs that seem “too good to be true” (which usually means that they are!) check the Ripoff Report site or google the name of the company offering the work and add the word “scam” after it. If others have been burned, you can read their comments.

    Good luck with your search!

  2. dearcallie wrote on :

    Hi PENFAN_68,

    Legitimate work-at-home jobs are few and far between, I’m sorry to say. I’m going to agree with sarahbwhp below and suggest a different tact – starting your own business. What are you good at, and what do you enjoy doing? Have you heard friends bemoaning the lack of a certain service in your location? There may be more options out there than you think.

    Can you write resumes? Design invitations or scrapbooks? Create handmade things to sell on Etsy? If you’ve got a computer, there are lots of inexpensive ways to start a business online.

    You can also market locally for very little money. Depending on what your good or service is, you can create inexpensive flyers and put them up at coffee shops, or bridal salons, or whatever venue is appropriate.

    best of luck – and you never know, sometimes a challenge can turn into a real opportunity.

  3. Sarah Baldwin wrote on :

    Hello PENFAN_68 – …Thanks for writing FOF..
    First, I would check out temporary agencies on-line – you might be something there! ‘Google’ the agency to make sure they are reputable. Secondly, determine your own interests and skills- if you have a unique skill set that can be marketed, I would say create a website and start promoting yourself! There are lots of possibilities and the platforms for web-building that are easy to learn and inexpensive – the possibilities are endless. Thirdly, be sure and utilize free networking places like ‘Linked in’ to connect with people who know you best and within those forums be sure and get recommendations! Build your profile there and then put the word out of something you might be interested in doing! Networking does work… Best of luck to you!

  4. debra@debrasteadman.com wrote on :

    Hi There, I don’t know of one site that has a list however; I do know of a reputable company that is actively looking for people who can work from home. Go to http://www.alpineaccess.com. Their application process is simple and direct. Good Luck!!

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