I’m 73 and in very good health. Why does it take forever to lose a pound
or two when I’m eating hardly no carbs……but having light salads and veggies? Very difficult to lose weight. Why?

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  1. Nancy Ortiz wrote on :

    Start eating carbs – your brain needs at least 120 grams of carbs to work at its peak. Just pick good choices of carbs. (dried beans, fruits, vegetables, skim milk)If you go too low on calories, your body tries to “protect you” by decreasing the basal metabolic rate (resting energy expenditure). This is the energy burned at rest i.e. digestion, breathing, etc. Then you need less calories to maintain weight. Also as we age we tend to have less muscle mass, more fat mass (even if the scale doesn’t say overweight). You need to build more muscle which means exercise – upper body and lower body. So many women walk for exercise but ignore upper body strength. Also be sure to get your Vitamin D checked because it is important for muscle strength (not just bones). Check your waist measurement as opposed to the scale. Measure around the belly button and less than 35 inches.

  2. Kathleen Silloway wrote on :

    I feel your pain! I’m in the process of losing some weight, and it feels excruciatingly slow, especially since I used to be able to drop a few pounds quickly. With the slowed metabolism that comes with more years on our bodies, though, it does take longer. My first question is whether you’re getting ENOUGH calories–if you’ve severely restricted your caloric intake, it might be so low that your body feels it’s starving and goes into fat-preservation mode. My second question is whether you’re getting enough protein–studies are coming out showing its importance in a balanced diet. Third question is how much activity your engaging in–have you upped it a bit, or are you maintaining? Upping, even adding 5 minutes of walking a day, will help–it’s all about amping up the metabolism. Good luck–it will take longer, but it can be done.

    • Ritamh wrote on :

      Thanks. I’m eating plenty of protein (mostly) and enough calories. I think
      it’s the exercise. My kids just returned my treadmill so I will be walking a bit more (in the house with the a/c). It’s hot in Ga. I guess the class at the ymca is not quite enough. Thanks.

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