If can make only ONE change, which is best: 1. to get 6 hrs sleep (vs. current 5); 2. to buy/cook/eat homemade food (vs. current on-the-run); or 3. to exercise. I have only about 1.5 hrs per day of time to allocate to ONE of these activities. Currently use that 1.5 to cover household maintenance.

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  1. rosie battista wrote on :

    It’s all about creating balance and all three of these items, good food, exercise and sleep are important for health. I suggest you look at where you can free up time from somewhere in your life that is not serving you and prioritize because your health comes first.

  2. Ann Rosenstein wrote on :

    I would suggest reevaluating your day entirely. You need to unclutter your life and prioritize your activity. I can’t tell you exactly how to do that, I can only tell you that you must do that.

    It is possible to accommodate all of these changes. A good night’s sleep will give you energy to do exercise, household chores and to make meals. Making meals at home saves time vs eating out and it costs less. Eating out involves driving, using gas, finding a parking place, waiting on a server or waiting in line, making selections, finding a seat, waiting to be served, eating, waiting for the check or waiting to pay, driving home and using more gas. Food purchased on the go is often the source of what ails us so you’d have to add extra medical costs and trips to the doctor to the list. In the time it took me to write all of this, I made a batch of hard boiled eggs that can be eaten as a snack anytime. You need to allocate your time a little better. Figure out what you really value. Give yourself a break and go exercise.

    Remember you are worth it and so is your health.

    • Francine Krasowska wrote on :

      Driving/waiting/etc. assessment & egg boiling example posits an @home situation. I eat on the run b/c I am generally not home between 7 am & midnight. Less a question of energy than of time. Sounds like “more sleep” is the winner b/c most feasible.

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