For years i have had thin brittle nails that split half way down the nails, i have tried many pills and paint on strenthener’s etc to no avail, at the moment i am taking Silica tablets, can anyone tell me if i am just wasting my time and money, ( or is there anything out there that really works, )?.

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  1. thelma0909 wrote on :

    Hello there. I hope you are well & in good spirits. I recommend that you have your thyroid tested. I have hypothyroidism & my nails are bad. They flake in layers. I keep them short, out of necessity. What I know is; wear rubber gloves when working in water, use nylon based polish,& also have your vitamin D level checked. It may be a physical problem.

  2. Heather Christensen wrote on :

    RevitaNail Nail Strengthener. http://www.revitanail.com.au
    This is applied like a clear polish for several days, then removed, and then reapplied again for 3 – 4 weeks. Then use only when needed. It is fantastic to use on nails that are thin and brittle after the removal of nail extensions. I LOVE this product because without it I would not have nice nails. My natural nails split, and have always bent like paper, but the Revitanail has solved the problem. They always look great, seldom chip or break, and I can now wear all of those beautiful OPI nail polish colours.

  3. mhstz wrote on :

    I always had thin brittle nails too. I have really sensitive skin and most lotions give me a rash and burn like fire. I had hangnails and the skin around my fingernails was always red. The skin on my knuckles was getting deep wrinkles and no matter how much cortisone salve I used it didn’t really improve. Finally a friend gave me some Dr. Bonners Magic soap to try. I started using that to wash my hands with and in about 3 days I could see and most importantly feel the difference. The skin on my fingers is finally healing for the first time ever. And my fingernails look much better. I wish I’d had that stuff 50 years ago! Anyway you might want to try that too. It makes my skin squeaky clean and really soft. I don’t even use much lotion of any kind anymore. The wrinkles on my knuckles are almost gone because my skin has healed so well. I use it in the shower too. It’s all natural and non polluting so it’s a good choice for helping to keep the water clean too.

  4. ht9607 wrote on :

    I have had good results taking a daily Omega-3 fish oil capsule. My nails were always splitting and chipping, even when I was in my twenties! I also noticed an improvement in my nails taking vitamen D. Within a few weeks you should see a difference. I may add in some Biotin now having read everyone elses’s responses. I love having nice natural nails!

    • redAllison wrote on :

      I always had very strong nails till menopause, when mine starting splitting vertically on the thumb and big toe. I stopped doing gel manicures,and limited manicures in general. i’m taking Appearex, a 2.5 mg biotin supplement, Omega-3 and using Barielle for a couple of years now, and I’m having a pretty good response. I also take vit D, but haven’t seen that it makes any difference. Good luck!

  5. LateBloomerBeauty wrote on :

    I was plagued with thin, brittle nails for years and thought that I would never be able to wear nail polish (the remover just made them worse!) or grow them beyond the nail bed until I discovered that I was deficient in calcium, magnesium and MSM. There are many products on the market that carry these ingredients, however, I went the organic, alternative-health route. I also starting using essential oils and found that a mixture of frankincense, myrrh, lemon and wintergreen oil mixed into a base of wheatgerm carrier oil and applied every evening on my nail bed and cuticles has been nothing short of a miracle. Now, with my longer, stronger nails, I don’t feel like the woman on the Seinfeld episode who had “man hands!”

  6. Michele Michele wrote on :

    The ONLY thing I’ve had results with is Avon’s Strong Results, which you paint on several times a day to begin, then use at least a few times a week. It’s not shiny like polish, it’s more like water your nails absorb. It works!

  7. Alene Wendrow wrote on :

    I have the same kind of nails. Nailtique works!! My friend told me about it. You paint it on once a day (it’s clear), and, on the next day, you pain it on again, without removing the day before’s. It dries in seconds. I kept doing it for about 2 to 3 weeks, every day. And now my nails are much much better. I had them manicured a few times to have the cuticles cleaned up and the nails shaped. It was heaven!! I did have two of my nails chip off in the corners, so I’m back to the Nailtique for a little while. You can buy it on line or CVS carries it. I used the beginning one first, and that didn’t seem to work. So I tried the heavy duty kind, #2, and it works for me. My 1/4 inch long nails are actually hard. A miracle. Try it.

  8. Susan S. wrote on :

    Taking 2-4 grams MSM daily (available at most vitamin/supplement stores) in addition to the Biotin that others have recommended may also help. Also, massaging cuticle oil in every night before bed … and you have to be religious with this, will keep the new nail forming under the nail bed nourished and moisturized so it will grow out healthier, but it may take several months to see the result, so keep it up even if it seems it’s not working. Barielle nail products have been much loved for many years. I would try the Intensive Nail Renewal Oil and the Nail Strengthener Cream.

  9. Cubie131 wrote on :

    Forgive me if I suggest something that you have done, are doing or already know. Obviously you are genetically predisposed to have weak nails, since you have always have them. If you smoke, that is making it worse. As Kaubry said, your diet is very important. The healthier you are, the healthier your nails will be. Exercise improves circulation and all over health, so improves nail health. A supplement that includes Omega 3, Flax seed oil and Borage oil is wonderful in general, and great for nail and hair health. Keep your hands out of water as much as possible. Check with a doctor-there are medical issues that cause brittle nails. Hope that this helps!

  10. Daphne Nassif wrote on :

    If you can stand the smell,, garlic works..maybe you can get garlic oil. There are also vitamins for skin and nails, but always try to keep a light polish on them..it protects them a bit… But the vitamins with Biotin would be the best bet!

  11. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    Hi, Joyce,
    There are a number of products on the market, but the most success I have found was taught to me by an all-natural manicurist. She suggested that whenever I put cream or the like on my face that I massage the remainder into my cuticles. In weeks, my nails were stronger and easier to care for.
    The other product that I have seen that is successful is Nail Tek. You can find it in most beauty supply stores.
    Good luck. This kind of problem is a nuisance.

  12. casavon wrote on :

    I also have brittle nails and I’ve found a couple of things that help. I recently started taking Biotin supplements. I’m beginning to see improvement in both my hair and nails. They seem stronger. I also bought a buffer and I buff out the ridges in my nails at least once a week. I keep them fairly short too which seems to be helping. I also keep a clear polish on them all the time. It helps protect them from water when washing and showering. When I’m cleaning etc, I always use rubber gloves. My nails are in MUCH better shape than ever before!!

    Good luck! Chris


  13. Elizabeth Vermillion BrownML24Q wrote on :

    Years ago, while traveling, I went to a manicurist with my nails which sound so much like yours do. She insisted on using a product on my nails and then giving me enough to last for a couple of weeks. I thought she was pushing a product which she sold, but not so. After the two weeks I was desperate to purchase some. So upon arriving home, I went online and Googled the name. Now I order from California and wouldn’t do without my “Jessica” nourish theropeutic Cuticle Emollient and Critical Care clear polish. A coat of the polish daily and a quick massage of a tiny bit of creme on the nail prior to the polish. There are many other products in the line ( I also purchase an emory board from this company. It is designed for fragile nails. Only mine are no longer fragile. I have found these to be truly amazing products. Hope you have the same good fortune should you try these products which seem to be unlike any other around. I believe that they are available in some salons but I have never seen them anywhere.

  14. Kathy Aubry wrote on :

    A daily dose of biotin could help, which aids in the production of keratin, a protein that is part of the nail itself. Follow the daily recommended amount (about 300-600 mcg/day). It’s also good for your hair! Along with that, make sure you’re consuming quality protein like eggs and lean meats, or soy, plus avocado, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, drink plenty of water every day, as cracks in the nails may indicate a need for more liquids (not diet sodas!). Hope this helps! Kat

    • joycetilleke@hotmail.com wrote on :

      Hi Kaubry. thank you for your advice, i will try the biotin as i have tried almost everything else i will have nothing to lose. !!!!!

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