Can anyone recommend shoe brands that are both stylish and comfortable?

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  1. nidradeb wrote on :

    Hi! Nothing beats Arche shoes for comfort http://www.arche-shoes.com. But, if it’s height you are looking for, I agree with the Cole Haan/Nike air pumps. I have had several pair and have walked trade show floors in those heels in absolute comfort! For city walking – I always reach for Arche. Good luck! Deb

  2. Linda Pappaterra wrote on :

    Aerosoles—— This company has the most comfortable but also some
    of the most fashionable shoes I’ve ever worn.

  3. Peggy Lanman wrote on :

    CLARKS! I work on my feet all day (teach first grade) and I wear boots, shoes and sandals by Clarks and love them all. They are stylish and most of all, comfortable!

  4. Robin Roth wrote on :

    Don’t know if “stylish” is an accurate description, but I bought a pair of Bloch dance shoes (heels) to wear at my daughter’s wedding. I ordered them along with several other heel styles from Zappos, and they were the only pair in which I could stand and walk without bunion pain — through the ceremony, at least.

  5. Eddy Robey wrote on :

    It’s worth the time to find Flexi brand. Though made of real leather, with cushioning in the sole, they are very lightweight.

  6. Rose Soriero wrote on :

    All great suggestions, I’ll check them out. I’m 5’1, so I was mainly looking for heels.

  7. jgroth1800@msn.com wrote on :

    I find Dansko shoes to be very comfortable especially if you are on your feet all day.

  8. Dindy904 wrote on :

    I am totally in LOVE , LOVE, LOVE with ” flats” made by London Sole. They have a wonderful site on the web..check it out .

  9. Cheryl Wilson wrote on :

    The Cole Haan Air line is divine and on sale right now at NeimanMarcus.com. I don’t think you will find a more comfortable shoe anywhere! I wear Birkenstocks for knocking around but, when I dress up, my Cole Haan Airs are a godsend!

  10. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    Well there are many stylish shoes around, but i am not sure if you are looking for a comfy heel or flat. The most comfy heels around are ysl , prada, and cole haan… Cole HAan actually uses the same inset as Nike smeakers.
    As far as flats are concerned, lambskin Chanels are the great but pricey as are celines, but ooh soooo good,,,,,,,.. A bettter price point would be, Me Too,,found at nordstrom.Stuart weitzman, and London Sole…….AGL, and Marvin kay for aquatalia. EXCELLENT!!! and last but not least Paul Green…. HAPPY FEET !!!!!!

  11. Lori Ann Robinson wrote on :

    Hi Rosie, I have bad feet so I am forever squeezing the insoles of shoes to see if there is enough cushion! The shoe salespeople look at me kind of funny. Some of the best most stylish I have found are Anne Klein, Circa by Joan & David, some Sofft flats, Cole Haan & Paul Green. You can search Zappos to see selection. Good Luck and let me know how it goes for you. http://www.larconsultants.com. Lori Ann

  12. Sherrie Mathieson wrote on :

    The stylish part is loose for interpretation.
    Prada, Robert Clergerie and Tod’s all make comfortable (all types–some less some more)and stylish shoes (youthful)–although pricey (but they last longer).
    Sherrie (www.sherriemathieson.com)

  13. Jzmtazz wrote on :

    I recommend Easy Spirit shoes. I have arthritis and the cushiony comfort of these shoes makes wearing pumps painless.

  14. zipporahs wrote on :

    Earth Shoes which used to have that negative heel has come out with a stylish line of dressier shoes with a regular positive heel. They’re extremely cushioned & comfy. I wore one of their shoes at a photo shoot all day yesterday and my feet never hurt (10 hours). http://www.earthfootwear.com/c-2-the-collection.aspx

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