I work in a small office, just the boss and I, and she works from home a lot. Her mother passed away this weekend. The funeral is Thursday and will be over an hour away from me. Would I be expected to attend the funeral? What is the right thing to do?

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  1. JacquiB wrote on :

    I remember at a previous job when the Managers father passed away we all went to the funeral even though it was an hour and a half away. That was what made me wonder this time. I didn’t think I would be expected, so it was nice to have that confirmed for me. I will be staying in the office “holding down the fort” while she is away. And card and flowers are on their way to her. Thank you, Ladies, for your advise.

  2. Stresslessdiva wrote on :

    I agree with Casafina — let her know that you will cover whatever needs there are within the business/in the office. Let her know she can be fully present for her mother’s funeral and not worry about work. Yes, ask her what she needs — of course, send flowers and a card — send the flowers to her home, make them a lovely bouquet for HER — nothing that looks funereal.

  3. Karen Canning-Millar wrote on :

    I imagine your boss would much appreciate your willingness to do whatever serves her best at this difficult time. I would offer to attend the funeral or remain behind and take care of the office… either way… I flowers would be an appropriate gesture.

  4. Casafina wrote on :

    As a small business owner I would think she would much more value your time to be at the office covering for her. If you did not know her mother and I don’t see how you would be expected to attend. However if she needs you to participate in organizing helping her to prepare for the funeral then I think it would be okay to lend your support But again you are probably most valued staying behind to take care of business while she is unable to. That’s me speaking as a business women not a social secretary. When all else fails ask her what she would like

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