For single women around Virginia who are searching,there is a man i would recommend to you. He was my husband’s boss and close friend before he left the company and formed his own .He lost his wife to ovarian cancer in 2008.Interested one should send me a message and know how to contact him .

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  1. glo4jc wrote on :

    My email is glojs4jc@yahoo.com

  2. glo4jc wrote on :

    I am not quite single yet, as we are still working on getting separated. But there is no chance of reconciling. A counselor that I was seeing in Va called my husband a Narcissist sh** if that gives you any idea…! But tell me more about this man.

  3. Flaquita50 wrote on :

    Your posting got my attention …doesn’t say much but then again why not to try. I live in PA and who knows what can happens, right? let’s contact by email first: mgoyas@hotmail.com

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