Do Your ‘Kids’ Check In Or Are They Checked Out? That Is The Question!

We asked you how often your adult children call to say hello, and simply to check if everything is okay, and we learned that some of your ‘kids’ are saints and others, not so saintly. When you read about Alicemary Devln’s son, you just might want him as your own!

Mine do all the time. I have three girls but I did have four. One passed away, but she called. They are so good to me.”
Shirley Santos O’Hara Clark

Never. I used to call mine several times a week and visit them all the time. True they lived close but it doesn’t matter. Hubby would call his parents at least once a week as well, and they lived about four hours away. Sometimes months go by without hearing.”
Claudia Sheldon Cizin

My sweet son calls or texts me at least every other day. Sometimes it’s every day. He is the most thoughtful and loving son He is also a wonderful husband and dad.”
Gwen Sprayberry Carlson

When they’re in the MOOD”
Linda Pardesi

My son, rarely. My daughter, a few times per month.🙁 By contrast, I call my mother almost every day. I think millennials are just not phone people. It’s all texting and emails.”
Ophelia Bradfordshire

My son will text or call three or four times a week, and comes to spend the night on Saturday nights after he gets off work at midnight, and stays Sunday till about 9 or 10 p.m. Of course, he spends about 60 hours a week pursuing a degree in nursing (after a bachelor’s in criminal justice) and then works two nights a week to support himself, his car, and his apartment. Yesterday, he brought homework and studied a couple of hours, then put in 12 LED garden lamps to light the path in front of my home, broke down a lot of cardboard boxes and put them in the recycling bin, put together a chrome two-decker storage thing because I can’t see the tiny parts that well, and adjusted the irrigation computer box (we have been having heavy, heavy rains) for a rain delay setting so the lawns don’t get too much water. Then, he thanked me for a wonderful time as he left at 9:30. I consider myself an extremely fortunate and blessed mother. “
Alicemary Devlin  

Everyday, so proud of how they have grown to be excellent adults.”
Sheila Gonzalez Gonzalez

Sons call us every week. Daughter calls once in awhile. I spoke to my parents every day. When my dad went into a nursing home I would take my two preschoolers with me to visit him every day.”
Eileen Bauer

Could You Fall For A Much Younger Man?

When we asked on Facebook whether you could fall for a man 25 years younger (like 64-year-old Brigitte Macron, the wife of the new 39-year-old president of France), we were amazed (and delighted) by the big response. The post received almost 42,000 views, and 250 women weighed in. While many FOFs said “no way,” others weren’t quite so definitive. We love Melanie’s comment!

I taught my son to love with his heart, and to be open minded. Race, religion, same sex, disability don’t matter. Loving the person you’re with, that’s something to explore. And being happy is a treasure. I’d hope I could think the same way.”
Priscilla Witt

Guys date/marry much younger women and no one blinks. I say, good for her! Next.”
Barbara Winslow

“No. I was married to someone for over 32 years, together for over 33, who was five years younger, and there were always subtle differences, throughout our years together. In the end, I think it made a difference, to him.  

“I could not fathom being with someone who could be my son. About all you would have in common is sex. And that only goes so far.”
Jan Nielsen (more…)

When Was The Last Time You Felt In Danger?

“When the danger is great, one must not run away.”

Pope Benedict XVI

“Danger is sauce for prayers.”

Benjamin Franklin

Whether you agree with Pope Benedict, and face peril head on, or talk to a higher power when you’re in jeopardy, danger is an undeniable fact of life. Except if you’re Mavis. What a lucky lady!

Three weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to a medication. I felt as if I were having a stroke or heart attack. I thought I was possibly dying. All I could think of was my 16- year-old daughter and how much I love her. What would she do without me?  I was afraid I would die in front of her.

“My husband called 911 and off to the ER we went. I was eventually ok thank God-amen. However, that experience was frightening and I’m so grateful and blessed to be ok.”
Cindy Anelante


10 Things You Must Tell Your Children Before They Move Out On Their Own

At last, your “child” is moving out of your house, into his own place, and you can’t wait to be enveloped in peace and quiet. Not so fast! Unless you arm him with some practical advice before he’s out the door, chances are he’ll be back at your door sooner than you think.

1. Leave an extra set of keys with us (because we know how forgetful you can be).

2. Don’t use a stepladder unless someone is there to spot you.


Be Honest, Do You Have A Favorite Child?

When we asked if you have a ‘favorite’ child, many of you diplomatically said they’re all your favorites. Destiny offered the cleverest answer of all! And Patti’s definitely was insightful.

“I have a favorite. It changes all the time. But yes. LOL”
Destiny Walser Head
“I would like to say, ‘I hope not,’  but I think some do. Each of mine is my favorite for different reasons; be it in their accomplishments, or because of their heart. I love them equally and am blessed to call them, ‘MINE’.”
Paulette Greyn

“Calling a child a favorite has no bearing on the amount of love you feel for all your children. I love all four of my children equally, it’s limitless. I am, however, closest to my second oldest. We just have a stronger bond. As simple as that.”
Geri Show-Gilbert


An Innovative New Way For Us To Keep In Touch With Our Parents

Are you finding it difficult to stay in touch with your parents and other loved ones who aren’t tech-savvy? FabOverFifty has partnered with ViewClix to show you how you can!

Teaching your mom and dad to text-message may not be a cinch, but teaching them to video chat may be nearly impossible. The ViewClix Smart Frame, an innovative new device, solves the problem by providing a hassle-free way for your digitally-challenged parents to video chat and instantly receive photos from family and friends, anywhere.

The ViewClix Smart Frame’s large 15.6 inch HD screen displays photos in a slideshow until the Smart Frame receives a video call, and then it automatically connects you so you’re face-to-face with mom and dad. ViewClix also includes FREE access to UNLIMITED photo storage in the ViewClix Cloud. (more…)

Fond And Not-So-Fond Memories Of Your Pregnancy

“When I was pregnant with my son, I felt him move for the first time when we were traveling on the Greek Island of Crete. It was only a fluttery feeling, but I knew what it meant, and it was thrilling,” remembered Geri Brin, founder of FabOverFifty. Here are some other great, and not so great, memories of being pregnant.

The best part was finally hearing the words ‘You are pregnant’ after 5+ years of trying and being told I would probably never be able to. The worst part was the terrible heartburn I had with both my pregnancies. But, all in all, both my pregnancies were some of the most wonderful times of my life! Feeling your baby move inside of you is a feeling that can’t be described. I also found that creating life is truly a miracle.”
Dee Ann Kennemer McFalls

My last pregnancy was over 3 months early. The bad part is that I was nauseated before I even knew I was pregnant – 30 minutes before I had them. Also, everyone thought they were my grandchildren. The best part was feeling the rollercoaster of them moving and kicking each other! Yes, they are all perfect!”
Karen Anderson Warren (more…)

You’ll Really Clean Up With This Loyalty Program

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Are you someone who procrastinates until you run out of something you absolutely need, and then runs to the store to get it?

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Take it from me. I habitually postponed buying crucial items until my cupboards were bare, and then I made a made dash to the store, vowing ‘never again.’ Once I did the smart thing, and started stocking up, I discovered how nice it is to be outfitted and organized.

Here’s my list of spring essentials, for you and your home. You’ll find every one at CVS Pharmacy, my favorite drugstore.

Whether you’re gently cleaning the inside of your refrigerator, powerfully scrubbing the outside deck after the winter, or making the windows glisten, there are plenty of sprays, powders, creams and liquids to do the task well.


What Do Elvis Presley And Eleanor Roosevelt Have In Common?

OK, so you’re stranded on a desert island. What famous person would you like to be stranded with you? Your responses were priceless! Here are some of our favorites.

“Tom Hanks. He’s been stranded before and made it back home.”
Lorie Myers Worley

“My Mama and Gramie. We would be laughing all day!”
Joan Deborah Owens

“My Daddy. You may say he is not famous, but to me he was the most famous person I have ever known. I was 26 when he died and I miss him just as much today as I did when he died.”
Debbie Edenfield Mcdanie


Keep Those Cool Compliments Coming!

Would you rather be complimented for the way you look or something you’ve accomplished? Hmm, hard question. Here are some compliments you’ve recently received.

“I was around the corner at a social gathering and overheard some person say, ‘GiGi, she’s such a nice and funny lady.’”
GiGi Hall Rivera

“That I’m a teacher like Mary Poppins.”
Laura Cartwright

“Had a strange man in a restaurant come up to my table. He said to me, ‘you must have had a beautiful mother.’ I was taken aback. I thought that was such a nice thing to say.”
Nancy Austin

“My 29- year old gorgeous daughter told me she really hopes that when she reaches my age she is as beautiful as i am. Not only was I stunned, but got really teary.”
Mokihana Jourdan