Are You In Control Of Your Sexual Health?

[ANONYMOUS POLL] Are You In Control Of Your Sexual Health?

“Having a sex life is important, whether you’re married or not,” says Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in Purchase, NY. “It’s important for your sense of self, whether you’re having sex with someone else or with yourself.”

We’ve partnered with Revel Body, the creators of a pretty sensational waterproof vibrator, to ask you a set of vital questions about your sex life. Don’t worry, your answers are completely anonymous! But it is worthwhile to learn what others are thinking, too!

1. How old are you?

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2. What is your relationship status?

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3. How often do you have sex with a partner?

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4. Do you masturbate?

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5. If you masturbate, do you use toys?

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6. If you answered yes to #4, are you satisfied with the toy(s) you’re using?

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7. If you answered no to #4, would you consider using a toy?

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8. If you masturbate, where do you like to do it?

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9. Do you think you masturbate and/or have sex enough?

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10. If you masturbate, with whom do you generally do it?

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11. If you don’t masturbate, why not?

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revel_body.042.product.june-2014.philholdenThe cute little round device has a magnetically centered moving part, powered up by quick, alternating magnetic pulses. Unlike traditional battery-powered vibrators, with limited speeds, this unit sits on a small stand, which charges the lithium-powered battery, and delivers a wide range of adjustable vibration “never before seen in sexual wellness products,” according to the company It’s also the only vibrator that operates at the power of Om, to promote sexual awakening, reduce stress and tension and renew mind, body and spirit.

The tube-shaped magnetic center can easily be popped out when you want to change one of the three tips, each shaped differently to create a unique sensation. The technology also reportedly reduces vibration to the hand by 80 percent, and the ergonomic shape makes the Revel Body SOL feel comfortable and easy to use.

Made of high-quality, body-safe materials, the Revel Body SOL is completely waterproof and generates vibration and suction when the concave side is used underwater and held again the body. It is a sensation unlike any other.

The Revel Body REACH is an ingenious extension holder that’s designed to “increase the comfort, convenience and sensations” of the vibrator. Resembling an ice-cream scoop, but with a cutout in the scoop, REACH holds the ball-shaped Revel Body SOL vibrator, which helps you use it as a neck and back massager, as well as a dynamite sexual massager. Made of body-safe silicone and hard plastic, REACH also can turn the Revel Body SOL into a internal stimulator by transmitting vibrations from the vibrator throughout its phallic-shaped handle. One lucky FOF will win.

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Introducing The Ultimate Vaginal Moisturizer

Never in my wildest dreams could I ever think I’d sit down with a handsome man from Rome, Italy, to talk about dry vaginas. But sit down I did, with Giorgio Chiozza, to discuss a feminine intimate hygiene line he produces, called Lubrigyn, that he claims relieves vaginal dryness using hormone and paraben-free, completely natural ingredients.

Manufactured by Uniderm, Giorgio’s Rome-based company, Lubrigyn has been successfully selling across Europe since 2004, and now that CVS is carrying it in most of their stores, American women will have the chance to use it, too. When Giorgio recently came to the United States to visit his distribution center in Florida, he and I met so I could learn more about his two products: Lubrigyn Lotion and Lubrigyn Cream. The cream is FDA approved but does not require a prescription.

Lubrigyn Lotion, a creamy, lubricating, moisturizing and cleansing formula, can be used everyday, in the shower as a regular soap substitute, or applied with a tissue, without water, Giorgio told me. Besides its soothing, softening and refreshing ingredients, including sweet almond, jojoba and olive oils, chamomile and aloe vera, the lotion contains sodium hyaluronate, a powerful, active ingredient that attracts and holds on to water.

Used in many of today’s skin care products, sodium hyaluronate is considered the ultimate moisturizer for facial skin. It also helps the vaginal tissue stay supple and moist, Giorgio emphasizes. “Replens, a leading lubricant and moisturizer brand, doesn’t have this active ingredient,” he explains, “nor does any other lubricant in America.” “Lubrigyn also is a cream, not a gel, which allows it to better absorb into the mucous membrane.”

Lubrigyn Lotion doesn’t foam, unlike many other feminine moisturizers and cleansers, which actually allows it to maintain the natural protective barrier of the vaginal tissue, also called the hydrolipidic film. Consisting of water and oils produced by the sebaceous glands, the film retains moisture and protects the skin from germs and fungi. As we age, the film dries out and loses elasticity, which can lead to all sorts of problems, including itching, bleeding and pain during sex.

lotion& wipesBesides menopause, vaginal dryness can be caused by diabetes and antidepressant drugs such as Zoloft. Even younger women, who take birth control pills, can have it.

“Foam is always more aggressive than oils,” Giorgio explained to me. Cleansing is an electrical process. Simply put, the foam makes positive electricity around the dirt on our skin, reacting with our body’s positive electricity, and weakening and removing the hydrolipidic film at the same time it’s removing the dirt. “Lubrigyn preserves it,” Giorgio asserts. So while we usually associate foam with cleansing, it’s actually not a good thing when it comes to our vaginal tissue!

A 7-fluid ounce tube of Lubrigyn Lotion is approximately $12 and should last 45 days. A package of 15 Lubrigyn Wipes is currently included with the lotion, which is mighty handy when we’re traveling. Designed to gently but effectively clean and deodorize our intimate area, the wipes are infused with many of the same ingredients in the lotion and are hydrating.

Lubrigyn Cream, a more concentrated version of the lotion, contains the same active ingredients, Giorgio said, and can either be used as a vaginal moisturizer, two or three times a day, and/or a lubricating cream before intercourse. “It helps rebuild the collagen in the vagina that is depleted after menopause,” he added, and is effective in relieving more “severe symptoms” of vaginal atrophy. The cream is dispensed with a 1.7 fluid ounce airless pump, and also sells for approximately $12.

I have been using the lotion and cream since Giorgio gave them to me at our meeting, and I highly recommend them. They’re not oily, sticky, or irritating, and the cumulative effect of the cream is definitely noticeable.

I also invite you to read a concise, easy-to-understand, and fact-filled article on the physical effects of menopause, by Dr. Michael L. Krychman, a gynecologist and sexual health specialist, and to download his clever and colorful guide called How To Get Your Sexy Back: 12 ways to improve your sexual health and well being.signature



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40% Of Women Have Done WHAT While They Were Married?!


Get A Firm Handle On Your Sexual Health

When manufacturers make smart products even smarter, that’s SUPER SMART! So for those of you who own a Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator,  you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has introduced an ingenious accessory called REACH, an extension holder that’s designed to “increase the comfort, convenience and sensations” of the vibrator.


Why Masturbation Is Good For Your Health

Susan and her husband of 30 years used to have a pretty good sex life, but ever since he developed prostate problems, they only use their bed for sleeping. “I love Jason dearly, but often miss this part of our relationship. It used to make me feel so good.”


“Having a sex life is important, whether you’re married or not,” says Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in Purchase, NY. “It’s important for your sense of self, whether you’re having sex with someone else or with yourself.”


Why You MUST Masturbate!

If you want to talk masturbation and vibrators…

…you can’t find a better person to interview than Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, who wrote her dissertation on women and vibrator use while earning her Doctor of Philosophy in human sexuality from the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She also has a Master’s in public health from the same institution, and is a licensed social worker with a Master’s degree from Columbia University.

A founder of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality, Dr. Marcus has served as its director since it was created in 2000. The center’s compassionate and experienced staff is trained specifically in female sexual health and is committed to helping women solve their sexual health challenges.

Read on to learn why the good doctor thinks
so highly of masturbation


Best Bets for A Relaxing Bath

A warm bath is an easy, soothing and fun way to unwind after a strenuous gym session or a
tough day at work.

This quiet time will help get you back on track for a good night’s rest or whatever else is ahead! Not only should you have the right accoutrements for the perfect bath, but make sure you’re taking slow, deep breaths to stay relaxed. These six items will help.

1. Pillow Talk

It’s no fun resting your head right on the ceramic tub. Bath pillows range from small, bean-shaped foam to large rectangles filled with a waterproof polyester blend. Choose one that supports your neck and is ultra-plush, such as this curved pillow from Pretika Bath & Shower, made with memory foam! The pillow is large enough for full neck support, has a soft micro-touch fabric cover, and a remote control for a vibration function.


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Enter to win a lovely nightgown and matching robe from Soulevant Lingerie, valued
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If you speak French, you know that “soulevant” means “lifting up.” That’s the secret to Soulevant Lingerie—its nightgowns, or “chemises,” as they call them, feature built-in, wire-free bras to keep you stylish, supported, and comfortable.

The pieces are machine washable, and can even double-up as sundresses or cover-ups in warm weather.

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“Large-busted women deserve to be beautiful without the hassle of an underwire,” says Soulevant founder Linda Wallace-Blau. “The clothing market wasn’t meeting my needs, or the needs of many other women with the same issues. So I decided to start my own clothing line to serve women who refuse to sacrifice comfort or style.”

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