12 Things You Must Do For Your Adult Kids Before You Die

1. Go on an unforgettable vacation
with them (and their spouses,
if they’re married)

From a fishing trip to European cruise, depending on your tastes and budget.


How Do Your Answers Compare With Other FOFs?

Choose how you’d react in each of these situations and then find out how your responses stack up against those of other FOFs.

You notice your hair is thinning and your scalp is showing. You:

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11 Things That Bring Us Great Comfort

It can be fulfilling to step out of our comfort zone and take on a good challenge, but there’s nothing quite so satisfying as the people, places and things that bring us great comfort—physically, spiritually and mentally. Here are 11 that top our list.

1. Grown children who call simply to
say “thinking of you.”


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The 11 Types of FOFs: Which One Are You?

We’d like to think we’re multi-dimensional and multi-talented multitaskers, but one of our many attributes usually stands out, way above the rest. It’s the one that often defines us, even if we’d prefer not to be pigeonholed. When others think about you, what image do you suppose they conjure up?

1. The Domestic Goddess

You get a rush from the scent of Pine Sol and a 425 degree oven.


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The Women We Adore and Those We Abhor

“True friends stab you in the front.”

—Oscar Wilde


15 Habits of Women Over 50

Count the number of these habits you possess and see what your score says about you, below!

1. Taking sneak peeks at your neck
in the mirror


10 Beautiful Things To See As You Approach 60

1. Your day-old grandchild


8 Signs She’s Not Your True Friend

1. She pokes holes in your biggest accomplishments