[GIVEAWAY] Bleach That Will Never Ever Spill

I am excited to share the #BleachInYourBest promotion and giveaway with the FabOverFifty community! I am being compensated by The Clorox Company to participate in this challenge.

I try to play by the rules, at least when it comes to washing and drying my clothes, and I keep learning new rules all the time! I recently learned, for example, to remove the bed linens from the dryer when they’re slightly damp, which prevents unnecessary wrinkling.

One of the rule sets I’ve never mastered, however, is how to properly use bleach. I’ve always loved the fresh, clean smell of whites washed with Clorox (a laundry room staple since I was a kid, and started helping my mother on wash day), not to mention how wonderfully white they look. But I’m never quite sure whether all my whites can safely be bleached, how much bleach I should use, and precisely when should I add it? And, how do I avoid spilling bleach on 1.) Good clothes I’m wearing when I’m doing the wash, or cleaning the tub and toilet 2.) Dark clothes I’m washing, that shouldn’t go near bleach?

retouched w captionOf course, I know the best ways to avoid bleach spills on a special blouse are simply not to wear good clothes when I’m doing the laundry, or to cover myself with a giant drop cloth. That is, they WERE the best ways! Now that The Clorox Company has introduced ingenious Clorox Control Bleach Crystals and Packs, liquid no longer is the only form of Clorox bleach.