How To Care For Your Skin In The Winter

Besides winter’s reputation as cold and flu season, the colder and drier weather can wreak havoc on your skin– making it dry, itchy, and downright uncomfortable. Furthermore, you lose sweat and oil glands as you age, says the Cleveland Clinic, which can cause your skin to dry out even more.

FabOverFifty has partnered with CVS Pharmacy to bring you valuable tips to help keep your skin healthy, hydrated and smooth throughout the winter!



Your facial skin is directly exposed to the harsh elements, so it absolutely needs extra TLC in the winter months. Make sure to apply a moisturizer right after drying off in the shower, to help keep it feeling hydrated throughout the day and night. And, don’t forget to use sunscreen every day in the winter, as well. The winter sun and glare from the snow can still damage your skin. Some moisturizers have sunscreen right in them.



The skin on your lips is especially thin, which easily can make them chapped, dry and even flakey in the winter. Apply a lip cream or balm, like this one from CVS Health with SPF 20, before heading out in the cold (and wind!) to protect and hydrate them. While you’re outside, it’s always a good idea to cover your lips (and bottom part of your face) with a scarf for added protection. And never, ever, lick your lips! “Saliva evaporates quickly, leaving lips drier than before you licked them,” says Dr. Lawrence Gibson at the Mayo Clinic.


Your hand skin also is thin and needs good care throughout the winter months, so you can never apply too much hand cream. You don’t need to spend a fortune on one, either. This alpha hydroxy hand cream, under $5, should help revive dry, cracked skin in just one use. And, remember to wear gloves when you go out in the cold. This anti-itch lotion for sensitive skin works wonders!


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