Lady Patch To The Rescue

FabOverFifty has partnered with Lady Patch to bring you a very important message about your bladder health!

My mother used to call me a “camel” because I could hold in my urine for hours on end. Then, one fine day a few years ago, I was alarmed to feel some leaking while I performed yoga poses in class! I forgot about it, until it happened again a few weeks later, when I sneezed during a walk with Rigby. I was reluctant to tell anyone, including my doctor, but I worried about what was going on.

When I broke down and saw the doctor, I learned I have a condition called “light bladder leakage,” or “urinary incontinence,” and that I was far from alone. LBL is extremely common, affecting as many as 30 percent of American women.

LBL Triggers

Besides stressors such as coughing, sneezing or exercise, many other factors can trigger bladder leakage, including (but not limited to) smoking, alcohol and caffeine, previous pregnancy and childbirth, hysterectomy, obesity and medical conditions including hypertension, vascular disease, urinary tract infections and diabetes. (more…)

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