10 Surefire Ways To Get Your Adult Kids’ Attention

Whether our kids are in high school, away at college, or have moved out lock, stock and barrel, don’t most of us look for ways to get their attention? Sometimes it seems that if we vanished into midair, they wouldn’t know we were among the missing unless they texted, emailed or (heaven forbid!) called, and we didn’t respond.

With this in mind, we created an action plan of 10 ways to command their attention. At least one is sure to work!


12 Things Your Adult Kids Should Do For You Before You Die

They can be frustrating, exasperating, even downright insulting.

But they're our “kids”, and we love them unconditionally. Still, there’s nothing that thrills us quite as much as when they show us how much they really care (and not just on our birthday)!

Print out this list and surreptitiously leave it at their house when you next visit. Or slip it into your daughter’s handbag or son’s coat pocket. Hopefully, they’ll get the hint!

1. Call us at least once to simply
ask “how are you?”


What empty nesters must never say to those who left the nest

He won’t “be back for the summer” anymore.

You may have a little difficulty with your recent graduate out of the house and on his own, but at some point, you’ll need to embrace this new chapter in both of your lives.


Avoiding these questions, when you do have the honor of seeing him or her, will give you a little assistance during this transition and help develop that adult relationship with your darling offspring.

1. “Are you really wearing that?”

By the time she’s reached her 20s, your daughter has developed her own style. She probably doesn’t like your clothes either.


2. “I miss you… Can we be friends on Facebook?”

No. (And if you’ve already coaxed your daughter into being Facebook friends, don’t comment on how ‘hot’ she looks in all her photos.)


3. “Can you empty the dishwasher after you walk the dog?”

Your son didn’t visit home for the weekend to do your chores. At least say “please.”


4. “I was looking through your bookshelf when…”

When what? Why were you doing this?


5. “Do you miss home?”

Translation: “I am miserable with you gone. Any chance you’ll move back?”