{Giveaway} Paula Dorf Lipstick in Mermaid

Kate Walsh (left) , Heidi Klum (center) and Cyndi Lauper (right) all wear orange lipstick.


Orange you glad tangerine tones, copper colors and peachy pigments are the hottest lipstick shades for summer 2012? Okay, okay…we weren’t so thrilled either. That is–until two celeb makeup artists (and FOFs!) Carolyn Diamond and Paula Dorf convinced us otherwise. “Orange lipstick can be one of the most powerful weapons in any woman’s beauty arsenal. Yet many women assume they can’t wear it,” says Carolyn, who says she’s proudly puckering up in peach this season… and you can too. Read on for Carolyn and Paula’s orange lipstick dos and don’ts. Then, enter to win Paula Dorf’s Lip Color Cream in “Mermaid” by leaving a comment, below.


…consider your skin tone when choosing the perfect orange shade. “If you have pink skin undertones, opt for a coral shade with blue undertones,” says Carolyn. “Olive-complexioned FOFs look great in a lip color that has more of an orange base. Women with darker skin tones look great in rich burnt orange tones.”

…be precise when applying. “A bright orange lipstick should never be applied casually,” says Carolyn. “Also, always be sure to check your teeth and blot your lips.

…match your lip liner to your lipstick. “Your lip liner shade should either exactly match the orange lipstick hue or be a darker, complimentary tone,” says Carolyn.

..keep the rest of your makeup simple. “The important thing to remember when wearing an orange-hued lipstick or gloss, is that the lips are the eye catcher,” says Carolyn. Paula agrees: “Apply a softer, more natural color blush on your cheeks since you want most of the attention directed to your lips. Even a delicate bronzer would look great.” Carolyn recommends: Glo Minerals gloBlush in Papaya and Glo Minerals Bronzer in Sunkiss. “These shades look great on almost all skin tones,” she says.


…wear heavy eyeliner. “Opt for a brown eye pencil and smudge it to defuse the intensity. A dash of copper or gold dust to your eyelids (just enough to catch the light) can be sexy and playful,” says Carolyn. “Using mascara, play up those lashes, ladies (black for brunettes, brown for blondes and redheads), and don’t forget to apply it to your bottom lashes–it opens up your eyes.

…match your lips to your outfit. “Your new rust-colored maxi dress may be gorgeous, but don’t choose the same shade for your your lips,” says Carolyn. “For your lips, choose the color that is best suited for your skin color.”

…try this trend if you have thin lips. “Orange can tend to make lips look smaller,” says Carolyn.


Recommended Orange Lip Products:

1. Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream in “Mermaid”, 2. Glo Minerals Lip Gloss in “Mango” and 3. “Peony” “These color look great on almost every one,” says Carolyn. “They have the perfect undertones to compliment any skin tone.”

To learn more or for an appointment with Carolyn, contact Diamond Studio, 1518 Spruce Street. Philadelphia PA. 267-664-7712, www.carolyndiamond.com

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