{FOF Woman of the Week} Grieving Mother of MH370 Passenger

We don’t know her name, but that doesn’t matter. A Chinese mother, whose 36-year-old son was on Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, barged into a press briefing by the airline demanding more information on the missing plane. Her anguished cries were heart wrenching: “My son,” she weeped. “I just want my son back.”


Worse, she was physically carried from the room by a group of Malaysian guards.

A statement from the airline, following this incident, spoke of feeling empathy for the families of the missing passengers. Yet, reporters weren’t even allowed access to this grieving mother, or to the other Chinese relatives who were inconsolable over the lack of information about their loved ones.

Even if the executives from the airline know nothing, their management of the awful situation is horrendous. This mother was waiting in Malaysia for four days and learning nothing. She had enough and succeeded in getting her voice heard round the world.

She is FOF Woman of the Week.

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