{Street-Spotted} Mary Valentine and Cara Rowe Groenings

FOFs Mary Valentine and Cara Rowe Groenings share a very close friendship and a very preppy wardrobe. Cara (right) works for the Ralph Lauren store in Greenwich, CT, and Mary (left) is Cara’s client and friend. (Mary is also the daughter of former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca and the wife of former Mets manager Bobby Valentine). FOF spotted the pair outside the Ralph Lauren show wearing–you guessed it–head-to-toe Ralph Lauren.

Names: Mary Valentine (left) and Cara Groenings (right)

How would you describe your style?
: Tweed, casual and elegant.
Mary: Connecticut…. Comfortable, wearable, stylish.

You guys do look comfortable.
We are not victims of heels today.

How long does it take you both to get dressed in the morning?
Cara: It depends…
Mary: Are we counting makeup or not?

Let’s say, without makeup
Mary: When you have a closet full of wonderful Ralph Lauren clothes you can mix and match in five minutes.
Cara: I’d say without makeup, five minutes. Longer, if you have a blouse with, like, 25 buttons.

On Cara and Mary:
Ralph Lauren (all items)

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