{Dating} Land a date for Valentine’s Day: An FOF video guide

Stop waiting for cupid to find you. FOF dating coach Cheryl Savage puts the bow and arrow in your hands. Watch her foolproof guide to landing a date for Valentine’s Day.

The best part? Cheryl shows you how to untangle yourself from any awkward entanglements that may arise. She mistakenly chats up a married man, has an uncomfortable exchange with two total duds, but still ends the night with a few solid date prospects.

You’ll want to take notes….

{Exercise} Watch These Now and Win!

Win the complete Yoga for Faboverfifty Women video. To enter, comment below and answer: How do you think Iyengar Yoga would help you?

A message from FOF Founder, Geri Brin:

One thing I know for sure: If I’m lucky enough to live to my eighties, I do not want to shuffle like my mother did.

Many older people shuffle because they’re unsure of their balance and worried they’ll fall. And they’re absolutely right. If we don’t work our muscles, they are going to atrophy and we will fall.

Beauty products, plastic surgery, great-looking clothes and jewelry may be a girl’s best friends. But balance, strength and flexibility—physical and mental—are what really keep us young.

We have the solution: Yoga for Faboverfifty Women, a new video we’ve created for the FOF Shop. It will calm your mind and strengthen your body.


FOF Founder, Geri Brin

Ready to practice Iyengar?
The complete video series, Yoga for Faboverfifty Women, is available for download in the FOF shop right now! We’re charging $14.99 to cover our production costs, but we promise it will be worth it!

Win the complete Yoga for Faboverfifty Women video. To enter, comment below and answer: How do you think Iyengar Yoga would help you?

The Best and Worst of 2010 with the Boomer Broads

This year had its share of heroes and goats from Elizabeth Edwards to Tiger Woods. Our fave FOF video bloggers, The Boomer Broads deliver their “best and worst” of the year list. Do you agree?

{Dating} “How I got my flirt back”

A few months ago, FOF Robin McGann won us over with this candid, laugh-out-loud entry to our contest to win a session with dating coach Cheryl Savage:

“Try dating when you are 55, widowed and work on the West Coast on New York hours! (I’d love to go out – can we do the Early Bird Special?) Right now, I’m not interested in a life partner; rather, I’m interested in a companion for activities (I cycle, take Salsa classes -I’m the tallest one there ;-D), study French, do Yoga and love to try new things. I had a great marriage and am not looking for a ‘damaged’ person. That is hard to find at my age! I need a dating coach to help me clarify the type of man I’m looking for and how to find him.”

A few weeks ago, Cheryl worked with Robin to help her on her hunt for a dream man. “I was completely clueless about how to recognize when a man was interested and equally clueless about using body language to give men the signal that I am approachable and fun,” says Robin.  “A good dating coach can help you up your game and increase your odds of meeting men. After that, it’s up to you. I had a blast.”

Watch the video here:

Since her “outing” with Cheryl, Robin received several calls from men she met, and went on a few dates. Although nothing blossomed, she will employ the methods she learned to score many more dates. Good luck Robin!

What do you think the biggest challenge with dating is? Comment below and tell us.