{Test This} Karuna Age-Defying Mask


Face masks have been used for beauty for thousands of years. According to Victoria Sherrow, author of “For Appearance’ Sake: The Historical Encyclopedia of Good Looks, Beauty, and Grooming,” ancient Egyptians would treat their skin with masks made from egg whites, mud from the Dead Sea and ant eggs. Yuck!

One company, Karuna, takes a modern approach to beauty masks. While, all their masks contain natural ingredients such as Chinese licorice, aloe vera and chamomile, the delivery system is quite advanced. Made from wood-pulp, Karuna masks, “deposit 50% more moisture than synthetic masks, allowing pores to fully dilate and drink in the beneficial ingredients,” according to the the company.

Karuna reps say their Age-Defying Mask (retail value: $28 for 4 masks) will “promote skin that looks younger and feels more resilient.” Once a week, just “unfold…and place…on [your] face,” then “relax for 10-20 minutes,” says the company. While you relax, natural ingredients including Chinese licorice, wild yam and elderberry extracts work on your skin “improving cell vitality” and leaving you with a feeling of “hydration, nourishment and renewal.”

We want to know: Is this product a blessing in disguise? 5 FOFs will put Karuna’s Age-Defying Mask to the test. Leave a comment below for a chance to win.

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