Light Up Your Eyes This Holiday Season

During the next few months, you’ll undoubtedly dress to the nines for a few holiday parties, dinners, and perhaps a New Year’s Eve gala.

Whether you’re reading a menu or checking your phone, you’ll most likely need to pull out your reading glasses—But how can you possibly wear a pair of drab, flimsy readers from the drugstore with your fabulous outfit?

The online reader gurus,, have put an end to this fashion faux pas by curating a special line of readers for the holiday season. The collection of frames includes our favorite reds and greens, as well as classic styles in more traditional tones. Here are our top picks for four important holiday gatherings.

Whether you’re reading a recipe to prepare a from-scratch dinner or scanning a menu while dining out, The Studio is a feast for your eyes and, most importantly, will help ensure you enjoy a delicious meal. (You don’t want to add too
much salt or order the wrong thing!)

All eyes will be on you when you sport The Laura, in deep red fading to clear.
The wayfarer frame offers a slight cat-eye look, making it a go-to style
for any evening soiree.

Bring pizzazz to the workplace with The Sophie, which combines function and style (work + play). What’s more, it comes in this trendy lime hue (a twist
on your traditional holiday green) and five other hip shades.

Round and retro, The Bookworm’s unique marbled black design will look dramatic with everything from a little black dress to your favorite jeans and a sweater. offers distinctively designed glasses made from top-notch materials and at prices for any budget. Trained staff members are available to advise you on style and strength. You think long and hard about what to wear to holiday events—and your glasses should look just as good as everything else you’ve got on!

Click here to automatically receive an extra 20% off your order, exclusively for FabOverFifty fans. Readers offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and hassle-free return policy.

Goodbye, Granny Glasses!

Guys will make passes at FOFs who wear these glasses.

Fifteen years ago, FOF Felice Dee bought her first pair of reading glasses. Her young daughter took one look and said “Oh, mommy, you look just like grandma!” Horrified, Felice searched New York for more flattering frames and couldn’t believe the lack of options. Soon after, she left a successful career as an interior designer (“I was ready for a change…”) and opened her eponymous eyeglasses shop. She’s since developed a cult following among Hollywood stylists who trust her to fit their stars with perfect spectacles. “It’s most important to me that all of my clients leave looking great,” says Felice. “Even if it means telling them they can’t buy a frame they love, because it doesn’t fit right.”

Here, Felice offers tips for fitting the perfect pair, and five of her fave frames for FOFs.


Arum Frames, $565: “Instead of ‘readers’–which can age you–look for regular frames that you can wear on the bridge of your nose but have a flat top, so you can peek over to see far away. Love these Swarovski embellished frames!”

Zero G Astoria Leopard Frames, $450: “Your glasses should be adjusted to fit your face perfectly–just like you tailor a dress–so that they don’t slide down your nose, pinch or feel heavy. This super-light, titanium pair gives your nose a vacation.”

Felice Dee Downtown Frames, $445: “Make sure your eyes are centered in the lens. Glasses should frame your eyes just like a picture frame frames a portrait. These are the perfect accessory for your LBD.”

Kirk Originals Martha Purple Frames, $440: “If you have gray hair, stay clear of warm tones and opt instead for navy, purple, burgundy, black. These saturated colors can take years off your look and still be age appropriate. If you are blond and fair-skinned, tortoise is always a classic and classy look.”

Red Rhinestone Computer Glasses, $39.99: “These readers are handy to have all over the house – in your night table drawer, near your makeup kit, in your kitchen for reading recipes, in your travel case, etc. For some strange reason, reading glasses never seem to be where you need them when you want them, so finding a pair affordable enough to stash in different places is a very justified convenience.”
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