{Art} A little-known NYC art gallery… you should know about!

There’s a time for the Louvre in Paris or The Met in New York… But, we really revel in discovering an offbeat and off-the-beaten path art collection that most don’t know exist. Take for example, the Neue Galerie. We had no idea about this hidden gem of a gallery until FOF Founder Gerri Shute tipped us off…

“I love the Neue Gallery. They show German and Austrian abstract expressionist art. It is a gem of a museum in every way and the shows are incredible. Many of my FOF friends in NYC don’t even know about it. There’s a great Austrian coffee shop with traditional pastries and some nights they have cabaret singers. But the art is what I love.”FOF Gerri Shute

The Neue Gallery
1048 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10028

What’s your favorite little-known art gallery or museum? Comment below.