{Art} 7 FOF Artists and their Masterpieces

Welcome to the MOFA: The Museum of FOF Art. We found these seven talented artists in the FOF community and asked each one to share the work she’s most proud of and why. Should your art be in our next roundup? Tell us, below!

1. “Deborah” by FOF Stephanie Fuller (Haitia Fuller Island Gallery)

“I have created 24 Deco divas as part of my series “Les Demoiselles.” When I was commissioned to create “Deborah,” I knew only 3 things about her; she knows everything about jewelry, loves the opera and has dark hair. I was told I “nailed her”…Wee!”

2. “The Paris Apartment” by FOF Shann Spishak. Shann Spishak Studio

“The Paris Apartment is inspired by my love of Paris. Who doesn’t dream of spending the day, or every day in Paris shopping couture and stopping at patisseries for espresso and croissants? Afterwards, we’d head back to our fabulously eclectic Paris apartment decorated with vintage decor from a Paris flea market. On the wall is a large landscape from French Impressionist painter Claude Monet of his Giverny gardens with the water lily pond. Sit in the French style bergere chair upholstered in pink velvet, and browse through a Chanel bag for the days’ finds.”

3. “Birch Trees” by FOF Debra Fink Bachelder. Binding Arts

“This is the first I painted without a reference…I got lost in the zone. It’s a break away from the traditional “British round brush” style paintings I first learned. (That’s when you paint a flower and it looks exactly like the flower). As I painted, I couldn’t find my glasses so I took a break to find them. When I walked back into the studio with them on, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe I painted it!”

4. “Sunlit Geranium” by FOF Linda McCoy. Linda McCoy Art

This painting is one of my favorite subjects, Geraniums. I love their color! It’s so easy to pass by an object, remark “Oh that’s pretty,” but did you really look at it? Did you notice the way the sun passes through the petals? That the shadows are a deep rich color? That there are as many greens in the leaf as red in the flower? You may not have; but that’s okay, that’s my job.

5. “Sentenced But Not Shamed” by FOF Susan Creamer Joy. Susan Creamer Joy

“Most of my paintings and drawings are done for others. But, occasionally there is one that is so much a part of me that almost from the first brushstroke, I know I will not part with it.  This is one of those.  She sits in wise counsel without judgment or rancor and holds me together with her peaceful countenance and wide empathy. I painted her as my son began a four-year cycle of abuse and arrest, culminating with a term in prison. The illustration accompanies a post I wrote called ‘Sentenced But Not Shamed’ about the most recent phase of my journey in this world I am still trying to understand and to accommodate.”

6. “The Betsy Sofa” by FOF Suzanne Meyer Pistorious. BlugirlArt

“I found her at an auction house, no one wanted to make the effort to bring her back to her former glory. The more neglected a piece is, the more I want to save it.  My inspiration for this piece was designer Betsy  Johnson, and Betsy  Ables-Kravitz, editor of New England Home Magazine, who has supported me from day one.”

7. “PlasticFantastic” by FOF Suzanne Golden. Suzanne Golden Bead Art

“My work comes from spontaneous ideas or visuals that grab my attention. I then try and interpret those concepts into a three dimensional beaded piece. I’m always trying to push the boundaries of beading to express my creativity as fully as possible.

Editor’s Faves:

Top Left: “World War One Sewing Kit” by FOF Linda McCoy. Linda McCoy Art

Middle Right: “The House on 314” by FOF Debra Fink Bachelder. Binding Arts

Bottom Left: “Stephanie” by FOF Stephanie FullerHaitia Fuller Island Gallery