[Style Expert] How to wear a scarf–and not look old.

Stylish women wear scarves. Right? But how come when we try to wear them, we end up looking either uber conservative or, well . . . dated?

According to style blogger and scarf aficionado, Une Femme, (yes, that is a nom de plume), there are two big mistakes when it comes to wearing a scarf:
1.  Trying to make it look “neat.”
2.  Lack of practice.

“Wearing scarves is a learned thing,” she explains. “If you want to have that French, effortless chic, it has to look sort of thrown on–but it’s really not. You have to play in front of the mirror–twist, fold. Get that muscle memory going.”

Une Femme began experimenting with scarves about 5 years ago, after she returned from her very first trip to Paris. “French women have a basic wardrobe and they accessorize it. I started looking up other women online who were doing scarf tutorials. Now I wear a scarf every day unless it’s just too warm.”

We love the way she uses scarves in her own wardrobe–chic and simple. Now it’s time to T.I.Y (tie it yourself).  Check out Une Femme’s 3 simple scarf tutorials and then haul that stack of scarves out of your closet and get twisting.


Clip 1:
Three Ties for Smaller Squares

Clip 2: Large Silk Squares and Lots of Twisting!

Clip 3: Two ties for long knit scarves. (“This features one of my favorite scarves, and a great one for beginners: The Eric Bompard cashmere “voile” scarf,” says Une Femme.)