{My Mother, My Muse} Debra Deem

Debra Deem is an esteemed legal partner at Buchalter Nemer, with style known to “push the envelope of what is within business boundaries.” She credits her bold style to her mother Bess (pictured below with Debra as a child).

“My mom was a dead ringer for Bess Myerson. Stunning and smart and very shrewd. Her father was a tailor, and he made these gorgeous, Joan Crawford-type suits for her, and she would wear them with platform heels.”

How does your mother inspire your style? Comment below.

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{My Mother, My Muse} Valerie Ramsey

FOF, Valerie Ramsey, a stay-at-home mom with six children in Greenwich, CT, describes her style as “preppy.” Her own mom is her fashion icon, here she tells FOF why.

“My mother was a role model. She had a very big career with InterContinental Hotels in South America when I was still a little girl. She later became one of the most recognized comedy writers in the country and went to law school when she was older. She had fabulous taste – always very classy, stylish, high quality… and individual.  Her clothes were made from beautiful fabrics, no prints.  Handbags and shoes were classic and tasteful.  And she always dressed appropriately for the occasion.  She could be the very  sophisticated New Yorker or the country girl in denim.  She was always well groomed and carried herself with a great deal of confidence and grace.

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{My Mother, My Muse} Joan Miller Kohlberg

FOF, Joan Miller Kohlberg, an addiction counselor, consultant to Digi-Block, and partner in Miller Industrial Properties, is super stylish. A near-fatal car accident left her healing throughout her twenties, yet she cant help but remember she was wearing Halston the night of the crash. She describes her style as “classic, modern and sexy,” influenced most by her greatest fashion role model, her mother.

“This is a photograph of my mother, PK, walking through the old city of Jerusalem in the 1960’s.  It looks like it’s jumping off the pages of Vogue today. My mother is extremely chic; people always recognized her as a style icon wherever she went. I always admired her innate style growing up as a kid, and even now I still love her style, it’s current and classic at the same time. Always iconic, my mother intrigued and fascinated me over the years, enabling me to incorporate her unique style with my own tastes and sensibilities. When she left for her honeymoon, she wore a Charles James suit—remember those days when you dressed up to go on your honeymoon?

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{My Mother, My Muse} Noreen Gallagher

FOF, Noreen Gallagher, a San Francisco-based marketing and sales director, describes her style as “classically simple–with a tweak here and there.” Who inspires these “tweaks,” that bring her style from simple to stunning? Her mother (pictured below)!

“My mother inspired me. She had a joy for life, a love of family and a strong relationship with God. And a sense of humor that was second to none! My parents owned a bar and restaurant in Philadelphia, and sometimes she worked in the bar. She always said, ‘if you’re in the public eye you have to look your best.’ And she always did!”

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{My Mother, My Muse} Maureen Hall

Our blog friend, Maureen Hall, writes for one of FOF’s favorite blogs, IslandRoar. Her Mother’s Day entry had us in stitches and included this great vintage photo of her and her mother. She told FOF why her mom is her style muse.

“What can I say about my mom’s style? She’s a lot more laid back about it than I’ve ever been. It’s all about simplicity and comfort, with a dash of lipstick and her favorite jewelry. My sister and I both share her love of jewelry.”

How does your mother inspire your style? Comment below.

{My Mother, My Muse} Elaina Spilove

FOF Elaina Spilove, a Wharton graduate and Smith Barney SVP, describes her style as “business edgy–conservative.” Still, her mother (pictured below), with her feminine style, wielded much influence over Elaina’s fashion sense today.

“My mother managed a nightclub in Center City in the 1950s. I would sit in the bathroom and watch her get dressed every night in a shirtwaist, crinoline dress with bouffant hair and high heels. Now I wear heels with everything—Louboutin, Prada and Chie Mihara, a brand I buy at Joan Shepp.

How does your mother inspire your style? Comment below.