{Giveaway} “Gone to Paris” recycled cashmere hat

FOF Nancy Atkins is giving away her signature “Gone to Paris” recycled-cashmere hat.

To enter, tell us in the comments below: How do you avoid getting hat head from your winter cap?

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

FOF Nancy Atkins and her daughter, Mary, 22, were lifelong shopping partners before launching an Ebay store specializing in eco-friendly and fair trade fashion. It was such an overwhelming success, that in 2008 they launched their own retail site, Nancy’s Gone Green, featuring “ethical” apparel, accessories and beauty products. The team carefully vets every item they sell, making sure it adheres to fair labor practices and eco-friendly materials and manufacturing. The site is “green,” but it’s for fashionistas, first and foremost.  “We’re not selling earthy, crunchy ‘save the trees’ t-shirts,” writes Nancy on her blog.

Nancy scouts eco-friendly designers, and she’s an eco-designer herself. In her Re:awakened line she mixes recycled cashmere with found buttons and charms to create one-of-a-kind accessories. “I love to give second-hand clothing a new life!” she says.

Her signature “Gone to Paris” recycled cashmere hat was an instant site bestseller. “You put it on and adjust the folds ‘just so.'” says Nancy of the hat. “Everyone will ask ‘Have you gone to Paris?”

To enter to win the “Gone to Paris” recycled cashmere hat tell us in the comments, below: How do you avoid getting “hat head” from your winter cap?

(See all our past winners, here.)

Contest closes January 6, 2011