{History} Bras throughout the ages

If you think your breasts have changed a lot in your own lifetime — you’ll be astounded how breasts and lingerie have changed over the past century. Evolving beauty standards, technology and even historical events have contributed to the bras we wear and breast shape and sizes that we desire. Fill your cups with knowledge when you click through this visual herstory of bras though the ages.


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{Style Expert} Shape Up! Shapewear that puts muffin tops and rolls where they belong–on the breakfast table.

Body confidence expert, Lisa Cole, travels the country helping women find the undergarments that shape, smooth and tighten all their trouble spots. Having used her services firsthand, we know this woman has a gift. Here, she shares her 7 favorite shapewear solutions for FOFs.

Order now from Lisa using this secure form to receive 10% off orders of $100 or more plus no tax or shipping!


1.Trouble Spot: Back rolls (or “back bacon” as Lisa calls them) and a saggy bustline.

Lisa’s Solution: A Shapewear Camisole provides an instant lift for the bust and shape and support for trouble spots on the back.

Best Bets:
TC Fine Intimates Seamless Firm Control Camisole
Product#: TC444, Price: $43, Sizes: 34, 36, 38 and 40
Colors: Nude, Black

TC Full Figure Shapewear Camisole
Product#: TC4042, Price: $66, Sizes: 36-46 (for full-figure women with cup size C or above)
Colors: Nude, Black


2. Trouble Spot: Panty lines

Lisa’s Solution: Seamless Shaping Underwear. The days of visible panty lines are over! Don’t be afraid to wear body conscious clothing. These lightweight pieces help you appear slimmer and more proportioned, instantly, and they’re comfortable. (Not everyone can handle a thong.)

Best Bet: TC Fine Intimates with Wonderful Edge Hi-Cut Brief
Product#: TC A404, Price: $16, or 3-pair for $39, Sizes: S, M, L , XL, XXL, Colors: Nude, Black


3. Trouble Spot: “The Burrito Roll” (aka: the stomach bulge that appears in high-waisted pants and skirts)

Lisa’s Solution: “A Shapewear Brief eliminates bulk in snug-fitting bottoms. Ideal for someone who wants to have control but not be smashed down. ”

Best Bet: TC Fine Intimates: Just High Enough Hi-Cut Shapewear Brief Panty
Product#: TC 4012, Price: $26, Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Colors: Nude, Black


4. Trouble Spot: A thick waist.

Lisa’s Solution: “The Torsette. Va Voom! Is that you when you were 22? This amazing shaper narrows your waist and smoothes back rolls. Make sure you’re wearing the right size bra (very important). Perfect for evening and black tie dressing.

Best Bet: TC Fine Intimates: Even More Firm Control Torsette with Wonderful Edge
Product #4043, Price: $56, Sizes: S, M, L, XL, Colors: Nude, Black


5. Trouble Spot: Tummy rolls that appear in close-fitting tops

Lisa’s Solution: “The Shaping T-Shirt is the hottest growing category right now. Great for layering or wearing alone; you can pair this with a suit jacket and you’re done. The scoop neckline elongates your body.”

Best Bet: Flexees: Fat-Free Dressing Shirt
Product#: 3066, Price: $38, Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, Colors: Black, White


6. Trouble Spot: Flabby thighs

Lisa’s Solution: Get your Jeanz on Girlfriend! The “Jegging” is a summer essential for fashion-minded women who don’t want the ordinary legging or shape solution. A faux pocket creates the illusion of real denim jeans. Take the limits off this summer by pairing it with a sleeveless tunic, hip handbag and pumps.

Best Bet: HUE Skinny Jeanz Legging
Product# 1136, Price: $34, Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Colors: Black, Navy, White


7. Trouble Spot: “Batwings” (aka jiggly arms)

Lisa’s Solution: Step out confidently in a body conscious shaping t-shirt that focuses on smoothing down the arm jiggle. Slim, trim and tone. No diet or exercise required.

Best Bet: Sassybax Armed and Dangerous Shaping T-Shirt
Product # AD01, Price: $68, Sizes: S, M, L, XL Colors: Nude, Black, White


[Order directly from Lisa using this secure form to receive 10% off orders of $100 or more plus no tax or shipping!]

Images via lingerie fit expert and TC

{Style Expert} What’s your office style? 3 FOFs share the items that work.

Nancy’s Signature Work Pieces (pictured above):

• Hippie chic dress by Ali Ro, “I wear this to most of my important speaking gigs!” says Nancy.

• Tie-dye pattern laptop skin from SkinIt.com and hot pink speakers.

• Tote by Falchi. “For carrying my laptop. It was a splurge when I was booked for my most recent big speaking appearance,” says Nancy.

Amy’s Signature Pieces (pictured above):

• Black over-the-knee boots by Christian Louboutin

• Black jersey “diaper” dress by Norma Kamali

• Tee by Rick Owens

• Flow pants by Rick Owens

“By the time a woman is fifty, she pretty much knows what looks good on her,” says Amy. “A short boxy Chanel jacket just doesn’t look right on me. But a zippered high collared Rick Owens looks just perfect on me– and makes me feel just perfect as well. I like it when people see me in something or in a magazine and say ‘that’s an Amy outfit.’ That says my signature style is established and works.”

Liz’s Signature Pieces (pictured above):

• A very modern version of the black horned rim glasses

• Straight-line, slim black crepe pants by Eileen Fisher

• Diamond studs and rings

• White shirt with mandarin collar

• Black heels

“I have found that these pieces are simple and powerful, project confidence and smarts (I think it’s the glasses!) and seem to be an authentic representation of my business persona,” says Amy.

What’s your office style or signature business piece? Tell us below!

{Dating} Are you on a manhunt?

{Comment below to win two coaching sessions with Cheryl!}

Cheryl Savage has helped hundreds of women find love—from 20-somethings to 70 somethings—but, she explains, “FOF women have their own unique challenges when it comes to dating.” So what’s holding you back? Read on . . .

1. We judge. Women—especially FOF women—are judgers. We meet a man and we immediately begin judging him based on his looks. Where do these judgments come from? Probably something your mother told you when you were five years old.  Stop judging and start asking questions:

  • *Do I like him?
  • *Is he interesting?
  • *What can I learn about him?
  • *What can I learn about myself?

2. We think, ‘I can’t have sex unless I’m in love.’ “We were taught that you don’t have sex unless you’re engaged or married. We didn’t “live” with boyfriends. If you’d had sex with more than two men, you were a slut. Well, you’re not 17 anymore. Times have changed, and no one is going to judge you if you have sex.”

3. We date just one man. “You should be going out with 3 to 4 men for at least 18 months. Over the course of a month, have lunch with one, dinner with another, a movie with the third, and so on. Continue dating the other men until a relationship with one is established.  Then call the others and let them know you have decided to be exclusive.”

4. We rely on online dating. “Dating on the web is like putting on a blindfold and throwing darts into the wind. You need to meet men face-to-face. Go on an outing to a place where men congregate—a car show, the races, a food and wine festival. Bring a married girlfriend—she won’t be competition—and approach at least three men. Throw a party at your home and require every attendee to bring along a single friend.”

5. We date in secret. “Women in our generation feel that not having a man is some sort of failure. If you’re not married, you are less than. So they feel self-conscious telling others they’re single. Big mistake. Tell everyone that you’re single and looking.”

6. We forget how to flirt. It’s been a long time since we were giggly schoolgirls with crushes. But you can and should get that feeling back. Here’s a quick flirting cheat sheet guaranteed to get a man to approach you:

  • *When you enter a room, find a guy who catches your eye.
  • *Once you spot him, immediately “separate from the herd.” Take a step away from your friends—no man will approach a group of women.
  • *Walk to the bathroom or to greet a friend so you can pass by him. As you pass, look right at him and smile like you’re going to stop and talk to him.  Don’t stop—keep walking.
  • *Pass him again when you walk back to your friends.
  • *In the off chance that he doesn’t approach, go up to him before you leave and give him your card. Say, “I noticed you from across the room. If you ever want to meet for coffee, I’d be open to that.”

Why do you need a dating coach? Enter to win two coaching sessions with Cheryl by commenting below. Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

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